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can you put other fish with a male betta

can you put other fish with a male betta插图

Why Keeping Bettas Together is Not RecommendedSmall tank Betta fish are often housed in small tanks. ...Single-living bettas If you have a betta fish and absolutely love it,you may be tempted to purchase another fish and then add it to the tank. ...Wrong breeding pair You absolutely cannot keep two male betta fish together. ...Stressed fish As their name implies,betta fish are fighting fish. ...

What fish can be paired with a Betta?

What fish can be paired with a Betta? Consider these fish and other aquatic animals to put with bettas: Cory catfish Neon and ember tetras Ghost shrimp African dwarf frogs Guppies Kuhli loaches ; What kinds of fish can live with a male Betta fish? Aquarist Josh Day agrees, and adds swordtails to the list. Other peaceful, tropical minnow fish ...

What type of fish get along with bettas?

What Are the Best Betta Fish Tank Mates?Female Sorority. The most commonly successful tank mate for bettas is surprisingly other bettas but with one caveat; they must all be female.Cory Catfish. Corydoras Catfish are very cute and peaceful community aquarium fish. ...Kuhli Loach. ...Mystery Snails. ...Ghost Shrimp. ...Dwarf Crayfish. ...African Dwarf Frogs. ...

Should I add my Betta before or after other fish?

You need to raise them for four months in the breeding tank, after which they mature into adulthood. You can then transfer them to the main tank. However, keep a close watch and see if they are getting attacked by other fish. Summary. Betta fish are one of the easiest fish to breed when compared to most of the other freshwater fish.

What fish can live with a Betta?

What Fish can live with Bettas?Zebra Snails. From fishbazaar.sg Zebra snails feature the striped pattern on their bodies. ...Marimo Moss Balls. Life Expectancy: They can live for many years in suitable conditions. ...Feeder Guppies. ...Cory Catfish. ...Kuhli Loach. ...Neon Tetras. ...Bristlenose Plecos. ...Harlequin Rasboras. ...Ember Tetras. ...Clown Plecos. ...

How to keep a betta fish in a tank?

Make sure you don’t put males together. Don’t put brightly colored fish with your betta. Avoid fish with long flowing tails. Choose fish that don’t inhabit the same areas of the tank.

Why does my betta fish attack other fish?

Not only is your betta likely to start attacking other fish in the tank if he’s being nipped, but he’s also likely to become stressed , as well as there being an increased chance of fin rot occurring.

Why do bettas break lines of sight?

As well as helping them feel safe, they’re also going to break lines of sight. If your betta can’t see the other fish, then they’re less likely to attack. Lastly, giving your betta decorations, plants, etc is going to keep them entertained, so they’re less likely to become bored.

What happens if you add a betta to a community tank?

However, if you add your betta to a community tank, they may be less likely to attack as they won’t feel like any of it’s their own territory.

What fish are fin nippers?

There are certain fish that are known to be fin nippers. Some tetras and barbs are prime examples of this.

What fish do you pick when you're choosing?

This can often trigger aggression in them and they’ll begin to attack. When you’re choosing fish it’s always best to pick dull looking fish like corydoras catfish. This way they’re going to ignore them as they’re not going to see them as a threat.

How big of a tank do you need for a betta?

When you’re keeping a betta on their own, they’re only going to need a 5-gallon tank. However, when you want to house your betta with other fish, then you’re going to need a bigger tank. The minimum tank size you should be going for is 10-gallons (Here are the best 10-gallon tanks ). However, the size will change depending on the tank mate.

What kinds of fish can live with a betta?

A betta fish can live in a community tank with other species of fish especially if there is plenty of room for all inhabitants. Remember that we recommend a 5-gallon tank for a single betta fish. If you have a 10-gallon tank, then you have room for some tank mates!

Do betta fish get lonely?

Male betta fish are solitary creatures who prefer to guard a territory against other male betta fish. Male betta fish are more aggressive and will have more damaging fights compared to female betta fish territorial disputes. Remember to avoid putting two male betta fish together in the same tank. They are known as Siamese Fighting Fish for a reason.

What is a 5 gallon tank for betta fish?

A 5-gallon tank is a minimum to provide a suitable environment for your male betta fish. This however leaves small room for other fish tank mates. You can choose to assassin snails, mystery snails, and Malaysian trumpet snails in a 5-gallon betta fish tank. These will not bother your betta fish at all.

Why do betta fish hide in the tank?

A male betta fish will hide inside the decor of your fish tank if it feels threatened by other tank mates. It may also stay there as a sign of stress and if it does not enjoy interacting with the other fish. A stressed-out betta fish will lack appetite and will be prone to diseases.

What fish can attack betta fish?

Avoid getting fish that are fin nippers such as Tiger Barbs. They will attack your male betta fish’s flowing fins. Damage can lead to serious injury which can make your male betta fish prone to disease such as fin-rot.

Why is overstocking fish bad?

Overstocking also stresses out fish making them more prone to diseases. This will also make the tank more cramped preventing fish from swimming to safety when they need to. It will also be a burden to the bacteria that break down ammonia into nitrites and into nitrates.

Do betta fish have appetites?

Consider feeding too. A happy betta has a good appetite. Learn about the dietary requirements of a betta fish and make sure it gets its proper share of food during feeding time.

Why are betta fish territorial?

Throughout history, the betta fish or Siamese fighting fish was continuously bred for its territorial aggression. This fighting instinct has never gone away, even for those bred in captivity. For this reason, some betta fish are so territorial they may never be able to cohabit with other tank mates.

How to mate a betta fish?

Betta Tank Mate Checklist 1 It’s better to add a betta to an established community tank. 2 Purchase the correct minimum tank size for your community tank. 3 Community tanks should be filtered and heated accordingly. 4 Quarantine all new fish in a separate tank for 4-6 weeks. 5 Always acclimate tank mates to reduce stress and shock. 6 Have an exile tank and net ready should anything go wrong. 7 Monitor tank mates closely for at least 72 hours or more. 8 Add lots of plants and other decorations for hideouts. 9 All new tank mates must require similar water parameters. 10 Many species listed above require different food than a betta. 11 Avoid tank mates with bright coloring and long fins. 12 Never add other aggressive fish species.

What is a Cory catfish?

Cory Catfish. Corydoras (cory/cories) catfish are good additions to a community betta tank. They are easy to care for and enjoy the same water conditions as bettas. Corydoras live on the bottom, feeding, and can live alone or in schools (4 or more recommended) depending on the size of your tank.

How much water do betta fish need?

In order to thrive, betta fish should have 5-gallons of water for their habitat. Adding certain tank mates starts to detract from the necessary environment. Some companions will need more than 5-gallons to thrive on their own, without the addition of a betta.

What fish can live with a betta?

Tank Size: 20-Gallons or More. Another cool fish that can live with a betta is the Kuhli Loach because of their docile temperament. They are long, shaped like eels, and love to disappear into tiny crevices. Kuhli loaches mind their own business, love to eat brine shrimp and need at least 20-gallons to be happy.

How long do cory catfish live?

They range from 1.0-2.5 inches in length. The average lifespan for cory catfish in captivity is 2-3 years and their temperament is non-aggressive. This makes them a perfect companion for betta fish. For the most part, they are very active and can liven up a tank.

What color is a neon tetra?

Color: Neon Silver-Blue with a Red Neon Stripe. Level: Beginner-Advanced. Tank Size: 10-Gallons or More. Despite advising betta fish owners to avoid tank mates with bright colors, the neon tetra can do well with betta fish because of their speed.

What is the best fish to put in a betta tank?

Because they only get up to an inch long, they produce very little to no waste meaning you can have 10 shrimp per gallon. Cories ( Corydoras Catfish) Cories (panda, dwarf, albino, etc) are another great choice for a betta tank.

What fish should I use for betta fish?

5) White cloud mountain minnows - I have seen these recommended as betta tankmates many times. They are hardy fish and fast, agile swimmers who tolerate a wide range of water temperatures. Personally, I would reserve them for temperate, rather than tropical tanks, but they may still be a viable option. Again, I would recommend a school of 6-12, rather than a lone fish. This means having a tank large enough to accommodate them.

How to house bettas?

Now if you are wanting to house them with other fish, make sure they are not the same species or colorful at all. Also a good way to test how your betta would react to being put in a tank with other fish is to get two separate tanks or a tank with split bowls. It makes the two fish feel as if they are in the same tank, but also prevents from them hurting each other. Observe them, if either fish try attacking from behind the glass or showing any alarming territorial or aggressive signals, then its not a good idea. Personally I've done this plenty of times and all of the bettas have gotten aggressive, but its possible I just haven't found the species they are willing to tolerate.

Why do you put a betta in the first place?

If the betta goes in first, then other fish are entering his established territory. However, reversing the roles can help to reduce the likelihood of aggression. Again, no guarantees, just better odds.

How big do plecos grow?

However, the "common pleco" will actually grow to a fairly gigantic 18-24" and is generally not appropriate for the average home aquarium. Bristlenose and rubberlip plecos stay relatively small and are generally a far more appropriate choice for home aquaria, but are also harder to find. Share.

How big can a loach get?

Loaches loaches are bottom feeders and basically look like a bigger version of cories. Thus, a larger tank is necessary. In fact some loaches can get as big as 16" (clown loach). However, all types of loaches are peaceful.

Where did the Betta go in the tank?

Instead, the opposite happened: the betta went to the corner of the tank at the top , and didn't really swim around much at all. It looked very uncomfortable around the other fish.

Can You Put A Betta Fish With Other Fish?

Yes, you can keep Bettas in the same aquarium as other fish but there are a couple of factors involved that will determine whether it will work or not.

What fish have flowing fins and tails?

Betta fish with there flowing fins and tails are prime targets for fish that love to nip.

Why do betta fish get sick?

The stress of being nipped will not only make your Betta fish sick but it will also cause them to become aggressive in their attempt to keep other fish away from themselves.

How many female betta fish are there in a tank?

You have a bit more leeway when it comes to females. However, the best is to have at least 5 female Betta fish in the tank to form a female Betta sorority.

What fish can you mate with in a tank?

Pygmy Corydoras, female Guppies (as they are not usually brightly colored), Ember Tetra, and Harlequin Rasboras are all possible tank mates. All of these fish are calm and, more importantly, do not nip at the fins.

How to get betta to coexist with other fish?

Choosing your tank mates wisely is one way to increase the chances of your Betta coexisting peacefully with other fish. Avoid overcrowding the tank, or your Betta will feel as if his home is being invaded.

What happens if a betta is stressed?

If your Betta is stressed, they will have a safe haven in your aquarium if you add lots of plants, hiding spots, and other decor.

Bettas Temper Overview

Here’s an interesting fact about pet fish; according to CNN Trusted Source Study shows this fish can recognize human faces Researchers found archerfish can tell a familiar human face from dozens of new faces with surprising accuracy. It’s the first time fish have shown this ability. www.cnn.com , research shows that they can recognize human faces.

2 Male Betta Fish in the Same Tank

Interesting female betta fish can stay in the same tank without fighting. You should, however, be cautious when introducing a new fish to a group of 3 bettas that have been together for a while as they may end up getting territorial.

Other Fish in the Tank

While male Betta can live in the same tank, they can surprisingly cohabit with other fish.

Final Thoughts

Can two male betta fish live together? No. male bettas are very aggressive and will fight each other until one of them dies. This is because they’re very territorial and view other males as a threat. To safely keep two males bettas in the same tank, ensure it’s large enough for them and preferably has aquatic plants.

can you put other fish with a male betta
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