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do male guinea pigs get along

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Can two male guinea pigs get along?

Two or more males can also get along well, especially if they were reared together. But, fighting and stress can occur with male guinea pigs who are unable to establish a stable dominance structure within their relationship.

Can guinea pigs live happily alone?

Typically, it’s not okay for guinea pigs to live alone. Most don’t do well as single pets, because they’re social, herd animals, thriving with at least one friend. However, some guinea pigs are human-oriented and transfer their social needs to humans. And live happy lives with devoted pet parents.

Can a male guinea pig have a friend?

If you have a group of three or more guinea pigs, it’s often recommended to have only one male- in the wild, most groups live as a single male with several females. Think about whether the guinea pigs are compatible. It’s important to think about your guinea pig’s personality and pick a friend that will suit them.

How to introduce two guinea pigs to each other?

Act quickly. Guinea pigs have sharp teeth and are capable of inflicting serious harm on one another. ...Do not intervene with your bare hands. ...Separate the guinea pigs after the fight. ...Reintroduce them slowly,once again introducing them on a neutral ground with treats and food as distractions. ...

Do Guinea Pigs Like to Live in Groups?

Yes, guinea pigs are social animals and like to have other cavies around.

How Can I Ensure My Male Guinea Pigs Get Along?

Introducing and moving two male guinea pigs into the same hutch can take time and extra effort, but the rewards for your pets are immeasurable.

Will Male Guinea Pigs Fight With Each Other?

Although it’s improbable that two male guinea pigs will fight if there are no females around, it is not impossible.

Will One Male Guinea Pig Assert Dominance?

Although this is unusual if only two guinea pigs inhabit the same cage, some male guinea pigs may try to assert dominance over their roommate not long after they move in.

Can Male and Female Guinea Pigs Live Together?

Male and female guinea pigs can live together provided the following steps are adhered to:

Why do guinea pigs chat?

Chattering, chutting, and various vocalizations may accompany one male guinea pig mounting another as a sign of his strength and dominance. As long as the other male guinea pig agrees to let them be the boss, things should calm down very quickly, and the two piggies will go about their lives in peace.

What happens when guinea pigs fight?

When guinea pigs are about to fight, they will bare their teeth, chase each other around the cage, and possibly attempt to mount each other.

How to get pigs to eat at the same time?

Keep Food At Opposite Ends of the Cage: This is especially helpful when pigs are first meeting each other. After introductions, have hay at either end and food pellets at either end. Sometimes the dominant male will push the submissive pig out of the way from eating. If you put hay or food near one end, then the boss pig will not be able to get to both spots at once.

How to know if piggies are getting enough food?

Weighing your piggies weekly will help you know whether or not they’re getting enough to eat. If your little friends aren’t losing weight and no blood has been drawn, then let them work things out on their own.

What does it mean when a piggie is territorial?

When your piggies are feeling territorial and aggressive, they need to be able to go one way while their bonded buddy goes the other. This is normal behavior. And nothing to be concerned about…if they have enough space.

What does it mean to add a third boar?

Adding a third boar means that it’s possible that the two pigs you already have when end up arguing and fighting. That’ll ruin their relationship.

When two male guinea pigs are introduced to new or enlarged spaces, they need to work out?

When two male guinea pigs are introduced to new or enlarged spaces, they need to work out “who’s the boss” again.

When do guinea pigs start to get testosterone?

The teenager years for guinea pigs begin when they’re around 3 to 4 months old. For boars, this is when their “manly parts” drop and their bodies produce an incredible amount of testosterone.

What causes aggression in a male?

The testosterone spike is what causes the increased aggression. This is the time time is when it’s pairs can have fall-outs and fights.

What happens if a guinea pig thumps?

One guinea pig head-butts or thumps the other. Sometimes the butting guinea pig comes back with a bit of hair in his mouth. This is a final warning; the next thump will be a bite. If the guinea pigs are not separated at this point, a brawl begins.

How to introduce guinea pigs?

For a first introduction, place the guinea pigs in a clean area that neither has claim to. Expect them to pace around each other and sniff under each other’s chin or bottom. This possibly is a way for them to determine the friendliness of the other guinea pig.

Where is the scent gland on a guinea pig?

Moving closer, he attempts to rub his scent on the other guinea pig from a scent gland located at the back of his bottom.

Do guinea pigs fight?

The nature of the fighting, even if it occurs in short scraps, only intensifies as time passes. Even guinea pig littermates might fight each other until one is seriously injured or dead. Separate guinea pig cages , even set side by side, offers a much healthier environment.

Does neutering a guinea pig change the behavior?

Unfortunately neutering does not change the demeanor of guinea pigs as it might with other animals. Even if you were to have one or both guinea pigs neutered, this behavior would only continue when they where returned to the same cage.

Can guinea pigs be housed together?

Guinea pigs will then attempt to mount each other in a dominating posture. If one of the males allows the other male to do this and leave when he’s done, then the pair can likely be housed together. But there are no long-term guarantees.

Do male rumblers give an inch to each other?

The males purr, rumble and strut around each other, but don’t give an inch to the other.

How much space does a 2x4 guinea pig need?

A split 2x4 grid cage will provide each guinea pig with 5.25 square feet of space. That does not meet the suggested minimum, but is still almost 2 square feet larger than the typical "large" cage. Quarantine.

How big of a cage do guinea pigs need?

Even one guinea pig needs 7.5 square feet. Adding a few more square feet for two should be possible in most cases.

How many square feet should a guinea pig be in a cage?

Two boars should not be housed in less than 10.5 square feet. If you need to separate your guinea pigs because they stop getting along, provide them both adequate cage space with a common grid wall so that they can be next to each other for company and safe interaction.

What does it mean when a guinea pig rumbles?

Usually a signal of a biting attack. But they may back down before they engage.

What to look for in a guinea pig?

Look for lice, fleas, fungus (ringworm), eye or nasal discharge, excessive sneezing, wheezing, loud breathing, and more. If you suspect your new guinea pig is not well, take it to your vet as soon as possible. Do not delay. Guinea pigs can go downhill fast. Introductions.

How to separate pigs?

Let the pigs find each other on their own time. You may need to nudge them in the right direction. Have another towel handy to toss on the pigs if you need to separate them.

What is the game "Piggies who bathe together stay together"?

The "Piggies who Bathe Together, Stay Together" game. Here is another technique used for harder-to-introduce couples or trios, especially when adding a new male to a bonded male pair. You will only want to try this method if you are already competent at handling guinea pigs and giving baths.

How to tell if a guinea pig is a boy or girl?

It is quite tough to differentiate between a male and a female guinea pig. Even experienced guinea pig owners might struggle to differentiate between them. However, there are a few key points that can help you identify the same. These includes:

Are male or female guinea pigs better?

A guinea pig of any gender will make an excellent pet. However, your choice might vary depending upon the personality you are looking for.

Can two male guinea pigs be kept together?

Yes, two males can be kept together, but the chances of them fighting is always there.

What is the difference between a female and male guinea pig?

Weight. Size. The genital area of a female guinea pig is “Y” shaped. You will also notice that sows have just a small gap between vulva and anus. Whereas the genital area of a male guinea pig usually has a vertical shaft of “i” shape. Male guinea pigs have a bulge in their genital area due to the presence of testicles in it.

Why do guinea pigs have bulges?

Male guinea pigs have a bulge in their genital area due to the presence of testicles in it . Male guinea pigs are larger in size and weight than female guinea pigs, although it can be tough to distinguish based on size or weight. Thus, using their genital area for identifying is the best bet for you.

How long do guinea pigs live?

Female guinea pigs have a little shorter lifespan than male guinea pigs. Although if proper diet and care are provided to them, then they may live up to 6-8 years as well. Size and Weight. Males guinea pigs are a little longer and bulkier than female guinea pigs.

What is a guinea pig's favorite chew toy?

Guinea Pig Fleece Tunnel is the love to guinea pigs, they fall love with it immediately. Highly recommended for your piggies. Natural Chews Gift Basket For Guinea pig, that is also a great chew toy. This basket has many textures and chews that are great to find out your pet’s preferences.

What is a male guinea pig called?

Did you know each guinea pig gender has a name? The female guinea pig is called a “sow” whereas the male is called a “boar ”. With these names it’s much easier to refer to them, so keep them in mind.

How do I tell what gender my piggy is?

If you want to determine the gender of a guinea pig you need to keep in mind that these little rodents have big prey instincts and tend to feel vulnerable easily.

Do female guinea pigs live longer than males?

Guinea pigs are an exception among all the rodents because they live between 5 to 7 years (Some can live up to 8-10 years) whereas most rodents only live up to 3 years.

Why are male guinea pigs aggressive?

This can be especially important to keep in mind if you have a male guinea pig since they can become possessive and start having fights between males.

Are male guinea pigs territorial?

You need to remember that guinea pigs should live with at least another one of the same kind and this is especially important when grouping male guinea pigs. That is because they can be very territorial.

Can you desex a male guinea pig?

It is possible to desex male and female cavies. This can be useful if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancies and reduce problems associated with the hormones.

Do male guinea pigs need to be neutered?

One common thought is that is the male needs to be neutered, in order to control aggressions problems and convert it into a calm piggy.

do male guinea pigs get along
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