how do they test for stds in males

how do they test for stds in males插图

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If a male does show signs and symptoms of an STD, then the type of test needed to cure the STD is dependent on the type of infection being tested for. The main three testing methods are;urine sample, body fluid sample, and/or blood sample. The turn around time for results depends on the infection being tested for.

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  • How do you get tested for STDs?

  • Women get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by having blood tests, pap smears and pelvic exams. For men, STD exams involve both blood tests and swabbing of the penis.

  • Can men self-diagnose an STD?

  • While women regularly have discharge and the consistency can change, discharge in men can be an obvious indicator that something is wrong for men. Men should not, however, simply rely on observing symptoms to self-diagnose an STD, as most STDs do not show any symptoms. All of the STD tests we offer are performed similarly, regardless of gender.

  • How do doctors test for chlamydia in men?

  • The first test performed on men who are suspected of having been infected with the chlamydia bacterial infection is a urine sample test. The doctor will ask the male patient to provide them with a urine sample. The sample will then be sent toward a laboratory.

  • How do doctors test for syphilis in men?

  • Tests for Syphilis. Often, the first STD screening men undergo is a syphilis screening exam. The doctor will both visually examine the genital area (looking for a sore called a chancre on the penis, rectum or mouth), and also feel the neck for swollen lymph nodes.

    how do they test for stds in males

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