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how to be a male foot model

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What do you need to be a feet model?

Feet models are also required to sell shoes and sandals or even to go bare foot in an advertising promotion, again flawless skin, manicured nails and a shapely foot is a must. For information on how to become a hands model or foot model, simply contact Models Direct Model Agency and discuss how you could start modelling.

What is foot modeling?

Foot modeling, a type of parts modeling, an important part of fashion modeling. Many large designer shoe companies require foot models for their advertisements. If you have lovely feet, you might be able to make extra money or even an entire career as a foot model. Part 1

What can you do with a hand and feet modelling degree?

Both hand models and feet models are in high demand to advertise and promote a whole host of products including jewellery, cosmetics, nail polish, hand lotion, shoes, shampoo and much more. The close up work of hand and feet modelling is a vital element when trying to sell these products.

What do feet models look like?

For the most part, feet models all have high arches, consistently slender feet, and long, thin toes. Their skin is smooth and of clear complexion, both on their feet and the rest of their (usually long, graceful) legs. A quick online search of what models’ feet look like should give you a good idea of the general requirements.

how to be a male foot model
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