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how to blow dry male hair

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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to blow dry men’s hair:1. Start by wetting the hair with warm water. ...2. Apply a styling product to the hair. ...3. Turn on the blow dryer and point it at the hair,moving it around to help dry the hair. ...4. When the hair is mostly dry,use a round brush to help style it. ...More items

What is the proper way to blow dry hair?

Part 2 Part 2 of 3: Drying Your HairChoose the best dryer for your hair. You will want a blow dryer that has a variety of heat and air settings so you can control your look.Select a medium or low heat for your hair dryer. ...Separate a section of your loose hanging hair with your hairbrush. ...Pull on the brush to keep your hair taut. ...More items...

How to get volume in hair without blow dryer (men)?

“Velcro rollers give volume exactly where you need it—at the roots,” says Hill. Extra-large rollers give a subtle bounce and smooth strands while smaller rollers give more strength to the volume at the root and add more prominent curls to the ends. “If you have the time, pop the rollers into damp hair and leave to dry naturally.

How to blow dry your hair like a stylist?

Dry your hair well with a towel before you even pick up a blow-dryer. ...Next,use a blow-dryer and your fingers to rough dry your hair. ...Once your hair is 85 percent dry,it's time to put your products in. ...Church suggests spreading product through your hands to warm and activate it before you distribute it in your hair.More items...

How to relax your hair for men?

Pour some milk into a spray gun or a squirt bottleApply it to the hair by the spray.An additional tip is to wrap your hair in a warm cloth after sprayingRinse your hair with water after 30-60 minutes. The shine and silkiness of the hair will leave you astonished.

How to dry hair without frying it?

But if you apply too much heat, it can damage your hair and make it frizzy and unmanageable. Medium is usually a good heat setting to dry your hair without frying it.

Why do you put a diffuser on the end of a blow dryer?

Clip a diffuser to the end of your blow dryer if you want to speed up the drying process and don't care as much about the style.

What happens if you blow dry your hair too close?

If you hold it too close, the hot air can burn your hair and/or scalp. Use a brush, comb, or your fingers to pull your hair closer to the blow dryer if necessary. Avoid targeting any single area of hair for too long, as this can damage your hair and cause it to be flat and limp.

What is the best setting to dry hair?

Medium is usually a good heat setting to dry your hair without frying it. If your hair dryer has 3 settings, the middle setting is usually the best. If your hair is healthier, you can use a higher temperature. For fine, weak, or brittle hair, use the lowest heat setting possible.

Why do we blow dry our hair?

When done correctly, blow drying your hair allows you to control your hairstyle more easily. If you already use product to style your hair, using a blow dryer can help you cut down on the amount of time and product it takes to achieve your desired look. Learning the correct way to blow dry your hair will allow you to achieve the perfect hairstyle quickly and efficiently.

How to tell if your hair is dry?

You can tell if your hair is dry enough by grabbing a strand of hair near the root and running your fingers along its length to the tips. If water drips from your hair, you should continue towel or air drying it before blow drying.

What is the difference between lighter hold and stronger hold?

Products with a lighter hold strength will provide more flexibility, while products with a stronger hold will create stiffer hair. Use the right product for the type of style you wish to achieve. You may have to experiment with different products until you find the right fit for your hair length, texture, and style.

Step One: Wash and Towel Dry Your Hair

The first thing you want to do now that your hair is clean and wet is to gently dry it with a towel. The keyword in that sentence is gently. Don’t ruffle the towel on your head like you do when you dry off your dog. Simply blot the towel on your head until your hair is no longer soaking wet.

Step Two: Comb Out the Tangles

Once your hair is merely damp, it’s time to comb out any tangles. Use a comb, preferably a vented brush. The larger spaces between the hard bristles will loosen up the strands, and de-frizz any unruly grow-outs.

Step Three: Protect Your Hair With Heat-Protectant Product

Now that your hair is damp and free of tangles, you need to protect it from the heat of the blow dryer. Apply a heat-activated mousse to keep your hair from being fried by the blow dryer.

Step Four: Set the Blow dryer to Medium Heat

You’re almost to the fun part but before you pull the trigger on that blow dryer, turn down the heat to medium, and crank up the power. The idea is to dry your hair in a warm breeze, not fry it in an airfryer. This blow dryer is straight forward, easy to use, and a great choice for guys on a budget.

Step Five: Position the Blow Dryer 6–8 Inches From Your Hair

Finally! It’s time to flip the switch on your blow dryer, and aim it at your head. Keep the dryer moving at a distance of six to eight inches from your scalp to evenly distribute the heat. This is very important. Don’t get too close to your scalp, or keep the dryer in one place for too long, or you risk damaging your hair.

Step Six: Use the Air to Push Your Hair Where You Want it to Lay

Remember, the general ideal of blow drying your hair is to get it to dry as near to the style you want. If you want a swooping pompadour, you need to blow the hair up, and use a rounded brush to shape it into place. That means you’re going to periodically halt the blow drying to comb your hair, and coach it into position.

Step Seven: Use your Fingers to Gently Lift the Hair in the Front

Angle the blow dryer up from beneath your hairline so the air pushes your hair upward. Then use your fingers to gently lift and tug the hair at the front of your crown upward while you dry it. This will create a natural lift and add volume to the front of your hair.

What kind of bristles do you use for coarse hair?

Although you can use your fingers, Gaita recommends a brush for more control. For coarse hair, she recommends sturdy nylon bristles, but for most hair types, natural and plastic bristles from known brands offer great value.

How to blow dry hair properly?

How to Blow Dry Properly. First push it forward toward your eyebrows, then back and forth (left and right) on the head and back toward the crown until you get your hair as straight or as smooth as you like it. Rivera emphasizes that, of course, the cut is going to influence your hair’s styling. Assuming you’ve already got ...

What to use for Rivera?

Rivera suggests using a good finishing hair spray that allows some movement but also provides just the right amount of hold. For a sleeker look, use a styling hair gel and comb to slick the hair down.

Why is scalp health important?

Scalp health is extremely important and part of maintaining a healthy scalp includes ensuring the hair follicles remain healthy and unclogged. Consider your hair texture. If you have coarser hair, you may need to wash less frequently. Sometimes over-washing results in drying out the hair and eliminating natural oils.

Who is the founder of Phenix Salon Suites?

We talked to pro stylists Johnny Gaita of New York’s Chris Chase Salon and Gina Rivera, founder of Phenix Salon Suites to get some pointers on how to pull off award-winning hair. Here are some tips on how to blow dry your hair.

How to blow dry crown?

Blow-dry the crown by simultaneously drying hair upwards and backward for more volume.

Why is cold air good for hair?

Cold air helps seal down your hair cuticles so they all face one direction, making hair shiner if that’s the look you’re going for. Otherwise, you’re all set! That’s it! With these products and styling tricks, you’ll be a blow-drying pro in no time.

How to get a lift without burn?

Remember: Using a tiny wiggling motion, point the nozzle backwards and upwards while giving your strands a slight upward tug, for more lift but without the burn. Start with your hairline, then move backward. To finish off your look, rub a tiny finger-swipe of pomade between palms and smooth down your back and sides. 4.

How to style hair at an angle?

Using a vented brush to help style your hair at an angle (this brush usually has a rectangular head and has slats in it for efficient airflow), run a blow-dryer on the medium setting as close to the roots as possible without feeling hot on your scalp. Remember: Using a tiny wiggling motion, point the nozzle backwards and upwards while giving your strands a slight upward tug, for more lift but without the burn.

How to get rid of limp hair?

Start with clean, freshly washed hair. The first step always begins in the shower, as oil and leftover product can cause your hair to fall limp no matter how much product you use. Remove any grease and buildup first and foremost, with a shampoo system. 2.

Is blow drying guys hair easy?

Blow-drying guys’ hair is really pretty easy, once you see the logic behind it. More than just an extra step, it’s something that helps you shape your hair with less product and also helps lock your style in place for much longer. It’s important to use the right products and techniques to give your hair a voluminous finish that’s healthy ...

Do Pomades work for fuller hair?

Pomades usually work better when shaping fuller hairstyles, so save that extreme-hold gel for another day. Usually a finger-swipe or dime-sized amount of a classic, non-greasy kind, like Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade, ruffled through the top of your head, is enough for most short to medium lengths.

How to get rid of frizz when blow drying?

This will smooth the cuticle for a sleek and glossy finish. Try blow drying your hair with the concentrator nozzle to help you control the airflow.

What to use instead of a metal brush for blowouts?

Also, go for a round brush with natural boar bristles instead of a metal brush, which can heat up too much and dry out your hair. And don’t skimp on products-- always prep your hair with a heat protectant before blow drying! This minimizes heat damage from your blow dryer (thus preventing future frizz) and can give your blowout a boost of softness, shine and volume, depending on the product you choose.

How to get rid of hair curls in shower?

Step #1: After washing and conditioning your hair in the shower, detangle your curls with a wide-tooth comb and use a microfiber towel to gently squeeze out excess water. NEVER use a blow dryer on sopping wet hair!

What is the best blow dryer for curly hair?

Step away from the cheap drugstore hair dryer! A high-quality blow dryer is an important investment in your hair’s health and beauty. Consider an ionic dryer , which produces negative ions that counteract the positively charged water molecules in your hair. Ionic dryers give you sleek, shiny hair with less drying time (which also reduces heat damage). This is a great choice for smoothing out frizz and preserving definition in curly hair!

What is the best nozzle for curls?

Use the concentrator nozzle for straight or wavy hair, and the diffuser attachment for curls. The nozzle helps you direct the hot airflow exactly where you want it.

How to keep hair from absorbing water?

Step #1: Use conditioner in the shower. This is key for healthy hair, and it also prevents your hair from absorbing too much water.

How long does it take to blow dry hair?

As a general rule, longer and thicker hair requires extra drying time. A quick at-home blowout should take about 5-10 minutes for short hair and 15-30 minutes for long, coarse and/or curly hair. Allow extra time if you want to blow dry your hair curly or wavy, or plan to finish your style with other heat tools.

How to make your hair curly?

Start with freshly-washed hair. Gently towel dry if your hair isn't curly. 02. SET. Set your hairdryer to medium-high heat. Dry hair in the direction you want. 03. SECTION. Dry a section at a time, angling underneath longer hair to reach every strand.

What is a good blow dry?

THE PROPER BLOWDRY. The basis of a great hairstyle. A proper blow dry can leave hair looking shiny and healthy, with great body and movement. The trick is to be gentle and take the time that your hair deserves, or there will be real risk of losing that slick style.

Does blow drying men's hair work?

Blow drying men’s hair works with a huge variety of hairstyles. It doesn’t matter if your cut's carefree and wild, high and tight or a punk mohawk: a good blow dry is almost as important as the product you use.

How to reduce moisture in hair?

If you want to speed this process along, you can use your hair dryer on a low or medium heat to quickly reduce moisture. Remember that heat damages hair, so use the hair dryer with caution and moderation.

What to do if your hair is greasy?

If you do not want to risk damaging your hair with a daily wash, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.

How to dry hair without blow drying it?

Dry your hair using a towel. Make sure that water stops dripping from your hair before you stop drying with a towel. The more you can dry your hair with a towel, the less time you'll spend blow drying it and the less damage it will take from the heat of the hair dryer. Be gentle when drying your hair.

How to dry hair faster on low heat?

As an alternative, start by blow drying the back of your head first. 6. Brush your loose hair.

How to straighten curly hair when blow drying?

If you want to straighten wavy or curly hair when you blow dry it, you should use a straightening cream. 4. Use hair clips to separate your hair into manageable sections. It is often easiest to begin by gathering the hair on the top of your head and clamping it with a hair clip.

What to use to style hair while drying it?

You could use leave-in conditioner, shine cream, or even a pomade if you’re planning to style your hair while drying it. A leave-in will protect your hair, a shine cream will give you a glossy finish, and a pomade will give you a wet finish.

How to avoid split ends?

To avoid split-ends and other damage to your hair, make sure to evenly distribute leave-in conditioner from mid-follicle to your hair ends. If you are looking to add some thickness to your hair, consider using some styling mousse. Shine cream is used to smooth out your hair and give it gloss.

how to blow dry male hair
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