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how to check your fertility male at home

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How to use a home sperm fertility test?Collect your fluid just when you are about to discharge.Mix it with the test solution of the home sperm fertility test.Add around four drops of this mix in the test well in the home sperm fertility test kit.Wait for ten minutes to read the results.

What you can expect at a male fertility evaluation?

When it comes to your sex life, you can expect a frank discussion that includes any problems you may have, such as: After the physical exam and the questions, you’ll be asked to provide a semen sample. Semen samples are given in two different ways.

How can a male be medically tested for infertility?

Tests to find out the cause of infertility in men include: Semen analysis This is to check for problems with sperm, such as a low sperm count or sperm that are not moving properly. Chlamydia test A sample of your urine will be tested to check for chlamydia, as it can affect fertility. Your GP will prescribe antibiotics if you have chlamydia.

How to tell if a male is fertile?

Be honest with your doctor about your lifestyle,including your diet,exercise,alcohol intake,and any substance abuse. ...If the sperm analysis is not sufficient to determine infertility,your doctor may do a scrotal ultrasound test. ...Get hormone testing to see if there is a problem with testosterone. ...Get a post-ejaculation urinalysis. ...More items...

How do you test for male fertility?

To this end,the urologist can perform the following exams:Measurement of weight and heightInguinal explorationGenitalia and prostate examinationEvaluation of the testis,including testicular size and consistencyTesticular ultrasound

Why Sperm Count Test Is Preferable?

Every one of us knows very well that low sperm count is one among the prime reasons related to reproductive problems in men and because of this, their partners experience hard time in expecting a baby. In other way, in case a man produces sperm in few amounts or produces unhealthy sperm, he has a relatively low likelihood to fertilize the partner’s egg successfully. Along with this, early detection of sperm count gives tons of benefits to men. When you pinpoint the problem soon, you will expect to undergo with proper treatment within less possible span of time and thereby, be able to produce sperms as required to make the partner pregnant.

What To Do When The Test Displays Low Sperm Count?

Sperm count of a man has direct relation with chances to make the partner conceiving. More sperms a male has higher would be his chance for the lucky sperm in finding the way towards fallopian tube followed by the egg.

What does a positive sperm count mean?

Readings associated with the sperm count check result are simple, as you may get either negative or positive result. Positive result indicates your sperm count as higher than 20 million in one milliliter of the produced semen. On the other side, in case of negative result, sperm count is below 20 million threshold value in one milliliter and you have to undergo with other tests by consulting with a gynecologist or an urologist.

What happens if you have fewer sperms?

On the other side, if you produce fewer numbers of sperms, you will have relatively low probability to fertilize the egg successfully. In this situation, you have to consult with your doctor to undergo with proper treatments, including medications and surgeries if required. Besides this, you have to focus on a few healthy habits. These include maintaining your body weight, stopping your smoking or alcohol intake activity. In addition, you have to make sure about overcoming amino acid, antioxidant and mineral and vitamin deficiencies in your body.

How long does it take to get sperm count results?

Using home-based sperm count test associated with male fertility test involves simple and easy steps with results displayed within only half an hour period. Moreover, you may get detailed instructions displayed in each of the test kits.

Can a male check his fertility?

The answer is yes, you may check your fertility based on sperm count, as we have discussed about it in detail with the help of our article.

Can you test male fertility at home?

To conclude, we should say that one could easily test the male fertility at home based on sperm count. However, in case the test shows negative result, you have to consult with your doctor to undergo with essential diagnose and treatment procedures to resolve the issue quickly.

Male Fertility Test: 8 Ways to Check Your Fertility Status As a Man

In this write up, you will learn about 8 different ways male fertility test can be carried out.

1. Home Male Fertility Test

This is the first helpful step to take in evaluating your sperm health. This method of testing relief you of providing sperm sample to your doctor, the kits are not expensive and they are easy to use. Also, you get to keep your fertility result outcome private to yourself.

2. Physical Examination for Male Fertility

This requires your doctor to check your penis, testicles, scrotum and prostate for any physical sign causing infertility. Things to look out for during a physical examination include;

3. Semen Analysis

This will require that you provide a semen sample for analysis. It is important to note that you might need to submit more than one sample as results may vary per specimen.

4. Hormone Evaluation for Male Fertility

This method requires you to provide your blood sample to analyze for the three hormones responsible for sperm production .

5. Imaging of the Reproductive Organ

This method makes use of high frequency sound wave to check for infection, cysts, tumours, collection of fluid inside the testicles and obstructions that can hinder male fertility.

6. Urinalysis for Male Fertility

What this method does is to check your urine sample for a condition called Normozoospermic Infertility which is a condition where the sperm themselves are infertile.

Why do men make abnormal antibodies?

Some men make abnormal antibodies that attack the sperm on the way to the egg, which keeps your partner from getting pregnant. For other guys, making sperm isn't the problem: It's getting the sperm where they need to go.

What does it mean when sperm is higher?

In general, if you have a higher number of normal-shaped sperm, it means you have higher fertility. But there are plenty of exceptions to this.

Why do some men not have sperm?

You're missing the main sperm pipeline (the vas deferens). It's a genetic problem. Some men are born without a main pipeline for sperm.

What hormones are involved in infertility?

Testosterone and other hormones control the making of sperm. Keep in mind, though, that hormones aren't the main problem in about 97% of infertile men. Experts disagree as to how big a search should be done for hormonal causes of infertility.

What does it mean when a doctor orders a second semen test?

If the first semen analysis is normal, your doctor may order a second test to confirm the results. Two normal tests usually mean you don't have any significant infertility problems. If something in the results looks unusual, your doctor might order more tests to pinpoint the problem.

What antibodies attack sperm?

Anti-sperm antibodies. As mentioned, they attack your sperm on the way to the egg.

What to do if you're infertile?

Physical Exam. Hormone Evaluation. Genetic Testing. Anti-Sperm Antibodies. If you're a guy and your partner isn't getting pregnant -- even though it's something you both want -- take charge with a visit to your doctor. There are lots of tests you can take to find out if you're infertile -- and learn what kind of treatment you can get.

How can men test infertility at home?

If you are not able to make a baby with your partner you know, there are chances that you’ve male infertility issues.

What is a positive result of home sperm fertility test?

A general result display is a colored line shows the results are positive and your sperm count is above 35 million per milliliter. And so you are less likely to have infertility.

What are other home sperm fertility tests available for testing infertility in men?

A digital home sperm fertility test called Trak is also available to test infertility in men at home.

What is a sperm penetration test?

Sperm mucus penetration test: The test evaluates the ability of sperms to move through vaginal mucus. Your partner’s cervical mucus mixed with your fluid is used for the test. The sample collection is by masturbation. You must not discharge for 2 days before the test but not longer than 5 days. It is possible that the cervical mucus of your partner has antibodies against your sperms. Another condition is when your own body produces antibodies against your sperms.

What is sperm analysis?

Spem analysis: After this, the doctor might ask you to give a sample of your fluid for analysis. It is the advanced level of home sperm fertility test. The analysis tests infertility in men when no cause is detected by external examination. Things checked are sperm count, motility, immune reactions, and shape of sperms.

How to get sperm test results?

Collect your fluid just when you are about to discharge. Mix it with the test solution of the home sperm fertility test. Add around four drops of this mix in the test well in the home sperm fertility test kit. Wait for ten minutes to read the results.

What is the physical exam for infertility?

Physical examination: Physical examination for testing infertility in men is the inspection of external genitalia. The doctor will examine the male organ and scrotal sacs. He will also check any swelling or varicoceles (inflammation of blood vessels around testis). Don’t feel shy of the sexologist or infertility doctor.

Why do we use a fertility lab?

Why We Chose It: It’s like an at-home lab that helps you regularly track your fertility and ovulation with one tool.

What is a dadi test?

A Dadi fertility test measures the count, concentration, volume, motility, and morphology of your sperm, all of which contribute to your overall fertility level.

How fast does Everlywell test?

Why We Chose It: Everlywell offers various at-home testing products, including a women’s fertility test and a men’s testosterone kit, and results are available as fast as 1–2 business days.

Why is modern fertility the best?

Why We Chose It: Modern Fertility is the best overall choice due to its planning-ahead approach. Its tests are designed to give customers a wide range of fertility knowledge to understand their situation as clearly and simply as possible.

How much does a fertility test cost?

The Women’s Fertility Test costs $149 for a one-off purchase, or there's a 15% discount for semi-annual subscriptions. Unfortunately, most insurance won’t cover this cost, although you can use either an FSA or an HSA to pay for this.

Why do we choose Fellow?

Why We Chose It: Fellow is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a simple fertility test that gives you all the answers, quickly, easily, and securely at a reasonable price.

How many people are infertile?

Infertility is a health concern that affects up to 12% of couples that are trying to conceive. Fertility is not solely based on women, as male infertility is also common. The technical, medical definition—meaning, the one most insurers use to determine if they will help cover treatment—only qualifies people who have been trying unsuccessfully to get and stay pregnant for at least 12 months. 1 ?

How Do You Check Male Fertility Naturally?

There is only one way to check male fertility naturally whether you are fertile or not, that is after sexual intercourse with a woman, if she gets pregnant. But if the woman does not get pregnant you cannot say exactly that you are not fertile, because there are many reasons for not getting pregnant at that time.

How Does A Couple Conceive A Baby?

Female: Normally the menstrual cycle of a female is 28 days, but any regular cycle within 21 to 40 days is normal. So the menstrual cycle is divided into follicular phase (1-14 days) and luteal phase (1-28 days). After menstruation one ovary gets ready for a new cycle.


There is only one way to check naturally whether you are fertile or not, that is after sexual intercourse with a woman, if she gets pregnant. But if the woman does not get pregnant you cannot say exactly that you are not fertile because there are many reasons for not getting pregnant at that time.

What does it mean when you have a positive sperm test?

So if you had a positive test where it said, "Hey, you've got enough," that doesn't tell you if those sperm are alive, if there's any motion in those sperm, the morphology or the shape of those sperm. It doesn't give you really any other information. The only thing it tells you is if there's enough sperm there to hopefully not have fertility issues.

How much does it cost to get IVF?

A lot of the procedures that are done to check for viable sperm within the testis can run anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, but then a round of IVF can cost greater than $10,000 upwards, even much more than that.

Why is there low motility?

Because if there's low motility, meaning you don't have any that can move and get where they need to be, the viability of things, so to speak, and then the morphology, the shape, if they're not the normal shape where they're not going to travel in a uniform way . . . there are a lot of things that go into a sperm test.

Can you retest your sperm count?

Dr. Smith: No, not at all, and we do a lot of that. And sometimes if the sperm count looks maybe borderline, we can also try some medication to try to bolster that sperm count for a few months and then do a retest type of thing.

Is fertility a tough road?

It's a tough road. Fertility is tough. I see quite a few folks who we have success with, and it's great to see that, but any of those couples that are having trouble, I would say just get in and see if there's something that can be done to really help you because sometimes it is a simple solution.

Is fertility the hardest part of a relationship?

Fertility can be one of the toughest portions of a relationship, but also one of the most rewarding. So I would say don't delay. Just get in and see if there is something that can be done to make things easier for you.

Is sperm count covered by insurance?

And then in some men, if there is an issue where there is a low sperm count or no sperm count, some of the procedures to check and see if the testicles have viable sperm in them can be a little bit more expensive.

What is the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle begins with the Follicular Phase, which commences with menstruation. A decrease in hormones from the previous cycle cause the recently developed lining of the uterus to start to shed. FSH begins to increase during this phase because of the recent loss of estradiol that suppresses FSH. FSH, as implied in follicle stimulating name, stimulates the follicles of the ovary until a single dominant follicle is selected. This follicle then starts to produce estradiol. As estradiol increases, the uterus starts to prepare for possible implantation and there is a surge in LH.

What hormones are produced by the corpus luteum?

The corpus luteum produces estradiol and progesterone, which help build the uterine lining. If not fertilized, the corpus luteum eventually breaks down, no longer producing progesterone and estradiol, causing the uterine lining to break down into menses, and the cycle starts over again.

What hormones are off during ovulation?

The three primary hormones controlling ovulation are Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), and Estradiol (the primary form of Estrogen). However, imbalances in thyroid hormones as well as testosterone can also impact your ability to ovulate.

Why does FSH increase during follicle stimulating?

FSH, as implied in follicle stimulating name, stimulates the follicles of the ovary until a single dominant follicle is selected. This follicle then starts to produce estradiol.

What happens to the follicles when the estradiol levels increase?

This follicle then starts to produce estradiol. As estradiol increases, the uterus starts to prepare for possible implantation and there is a surge in LH. Once the surge in LH commences, the body transitions from the Follicular Phase to the Luteal Phase.

What does a fertility test tell you?

This test will tell you your levels of 5 different hormones involved in fertility - and whether your levels fall within established normal ranges.

What are the factors that affect fertility?

Fertility is influenced by many factors including genetics, anatomy, and hormones -- as well as lifestyle. Genetics and anatomy are difficult to change, but in many cases, your hormones can be managed with the help of your doctor.

Why Take A Male Fertility Test?

The most common reason for male fertility testing is to help couples conceive or who are having difficulty getting pregnant. Other reasons to undergo fertility testing include:

When To Have Testing Done

Doctors have traditionally recommended fertility testing after attempting to conceive unsuccessfully for 12 months. If the woman is older than 35, testing is recommended after 6 months of unsuccessfully conceiving.

Initial Fertility Evaluation

Your first step should be a visit to a urologist. This doctor will perform a physical examination on you and ask questions about your health and past medical history, including:

Types of Testing for Male Fertility

It can be difficult determining what exactly is causing your infertility. While the diagnostic methods used by male infertility specialists may vary, the following are some or the more common tests that are performed.

How much does a fertility awareness checkup cost?

Did you know that you could have all six factors assessed by an experienced andrologist for only $90 with the Fertility Awareness Checkup? (It includes testing for a woman, or you can do the checkup for a man only.) If you decide to move forward with treatment, that fee is applied as a credit toward treatment costs. Comprehensive testing at an affordable price will save money and time on the path to having a family.

How to boost fertility naturally in men?

Making lifestyle changes such as eating healthy, exercising, quitting cigarettes and vaping, cutting down on alcohol and staying away from cannabis can make a huge difference. Taking 200 mg twice a day of enzyme CoQ10, 1000 mg of fish oil twice daily and a daily multivitamin with folic acid can improve sperm health and quality.

What is the name of the doctor who tests sperm?

When sperm is tested by an andrologist (a specialist in male reproductive health) and reproductive endocrinologist, they are making an evaluation based on six different factors:

How much does it cost to get a fertility test at home?

The costs can range from $50-199 and there is no way to confirm whether the results are being calculated by a machine or an experienced professional. If you read the fine print, these tests also clarify that a test result does not clear the user of fertility issues.

Why is abnormal morphology the most likely to be present in previously fertile men?

Abnormal morphology is also the most likely to be present in previously fertile men due to the variability of the findings and changes in other factors mentioned above. Should you do an at-home test and receive concerning results, the next step will be to see a physician.

What is the motile count of a man?

The normal range has at least 20 million moving sperm, but an optimal sample has 40 million or more. For men with a total motile count of 10-20 million , Intrauterine Insemination may be helpful. For men with less than 10 million, In Vitro Fertilization may be recommended.

Who is Edward Marut?

Author Bio: Dr. Edward Marut , lifetime board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI).

how to check your fertility male at home
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