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how to cut your own hair black male

how to cut your own hair black male插图

How to cut your own hair black men with scissors in seven steps:Step 1: Brush the hair around the ears and forward the faceStep 2: Keep the long hair to be cut with comb or handStep 3: Align the part of the hair you want to cut by hand or comb. ...Step 4: Cut the hair with scissors,remember to pull perpendicular or parallel with your comb or hand. ...More items

How to cut your own hair for men?

How to Cut Your Own Hair (Men) 1. Wash your hair before you cut it. Your hair will be easier to work with if it's clean and snarl-free. Get your hair wet under running water and use ... 2. Detangle your hair with a comb. Run the comb through your hair and work out any knots with the comb or with ...

Is it hard to cut Black Mens hair?

Learning how to cut black mens hair is not difficult. However, one must learn these basic steps and procedures in order to properly serve African-American clientele. Their hair is very different in texture and moisture content from the hair of any other race.

How to cut long hair with hand or comb?

Step 1: Brush the hair around the ears and forward the face Step 2: Keep the long hair to be cut with comb or hand Step 3: Align the part of the hair you want to cut by hand or comb. The hair on your hand or comb will be your cut part

How to cut your hair at home with a clipper?

You can cut your hair at home with the clipper (Source: Internet) Step 1: This is the simplest step (20 mm), you just have to put the longest guide comb on the clipper and cut, it’s like you are shaving, so you should be completely comfortable. Hands up without fear of error.

How to trim hairline with clippers?

Remove all guards from the clippers and set the blades to their lowest setting. Beginning on one side of the hairline, trim all the way around to the other. Give the hairline a rounded edge by following the curvature of the client’s head.

How to prevent skin irritation after hair cut?

As a final step, put a small amount of aftershave on the hands and pat down the edges of the client’s hair. This will help to prevent any skin irritation that might result from the close cutting in this area. Allow the client to view the finished cut in a mirror so that he can decide if this is acceptable or if more needs to be cut off.

How to straighten black men's hair?

For this reason, it is critical to remove tangles before beginning. For longer hair, a pick is recommended while a brush can be used to straighten short hair. Brush with the grain of the hair.

How to make a temple hairline?

Trim the temple hairline at a right angle to the top of the hairline. Create a smooth arc as you move back to the sideburns. Cut the sides of the back vertically and make them as even as possible. Gently edge the back hairline and make it even from side to side, parallel to the floor. As a final step, put a small amount ...

How to protect your shirt after a cut?

Be certain to put a towel around the client’s shoulders to protect his shirt. Failure to do so will cause the person to have to wash his shirt immediately after getting a cut. Divide the hair into quadrants mentally. Finish one quadrant completely before moving on to the next.

Do black barbers cut black men's hair?

Black barbers are well aware of all the differences and know how to handle this type of hair. However, barbers of other races often do not know how to cut black mens hair, leading to major mistakes and extremely dissatisfied customers. Fortunately, there are a few simple techniques that can be employed when working with the hair ...

Can you cut an afro in any direction?

Afros can be cut in any direction. One should remove only a small amount of hair at a time when cutting an afro. This is because it is always possible to take more off if needed, but impossible to put it back if one cuts too closely. Any uneven or rough patches will need to be leveled out.

How long should a guide comb be for a crow?

Step 2: You will use guide comb with shorter lengths, usually around 12-13 mm, to cut the ears and crow’s hair, because the hair in these areas will be short.

Can you cut your hair with a clipper?

Cutting hair by clipper should be used for the simple hairstyle, so if you want to get picky hairstyles, it requires you to have a lot of experience.

Can you cut your hair in the bathroom?

The most appropriate location for cutting hair is outdoors, not cutting hair in the home. The awkward hand of yours will make hair flying around the house. Otherwise, you can cut in the bathroom, and then you just need to clean up in a small space.

How to get rid of knots in hair?

Detangle your hair with a comb. Run the comb through your hair and work out any knots with the comb or with your fingers. Ridding your hair of tangles beforehand will result in a cleaner, more even cut.

What to do if your hair dries out while you comb it?

If your hair dries out while you comb it, spritz it with water until it's damp again.

What to do if you make a mistake while cutting your hair?

If you make a mistake while cutting, don't worry—you can always go to a hairstylist or salon. They can assess the cuts made and blend your hair into a new, clean hairstyle.

How to cut your hair with a clipper?

Cut one side of the head at a time. 1 Going against your hair's grain will result in a cleaner cut. 2 Some clippers come with ear tapers, which help you cut above and around your ears. Use these, if available, to make cleaner cuts around the ears.

Why do you have to scoop clippers away from your head?

Scooping the clippers away from your head helps to blend your cuts evenly.

How long does it take to cut your hair?

Find a comfortable place to cut your hair. Cutting your hair can take up to several hours, especially if you've never done it before. Choose a spot where you can sit down and work without worrying about making a mess. The best place to cut hair is the bathroom, where you'll have access to running water and a mirror.

What happens if you go against your hair grain?

Going against your hair's grain will result in a cleaner cut.

Get the right tools

You do need to do a bit of due diligence so that you make sure your haircut isn’t a total disaster. You may be having the skills to do a good job every time, but you do need to right tools for it too.

How to cut your own hair

Cutting your hair with clippers is a comfortable and streamlines process that doesn’t even compare with the one using scissors.

How to make your haircut last

The best thing about home haircuts is that you my easily refresh your hairstyle whenever in need. Getting the clippers and doing some fine adjustments before you go to sleep is easy peasy. Not feeling it? Wake up 5 minutes earlier the next day and do the minor adjustments that you felt to do last evening.

How to cut graduated layers into super long locks?

YouTuber Carli Bybel shows how to cut graduated layers into super-long locks by sectioning hair, pulling it to the front, and making angled cuts into the length using professional shears.

How to cut layers at home?

If you're stressed about getting a perfectly even cut, this tried-and-true method for achieving layers at home is great for beginners. Smooth hair into a ponytail at the top of the hairline near the forehead (hence the "unicorn ponytail" method), pull hair forward, and snip ends. ...

How to cut shoulder length hair?

If you want to cut your lob, bob, or shoulder-length hair, this method involves bringing hair to the front and securing with small elastics before trimming off ends. Clean up any choppy ends with small, precise cuts for best results . RELATED: 17 Pro Hair Color Tricks for Dyeing Your Hair at Home.

How does Kaye use clippers?

For her semi-relaxed hair, Kaye uses clippers, shears, and lots of clips (and patience) to maintain her short pixie style . Parting hair evenly, clipping hair back tightly, and carefully combing through hair is crucial for this precise cut.

When to cut snip hair?

Snip hair when it's dry if your strands are curly or wavy so you can get a better idea of what the final look will be. If you have straight hair, cut while it's wet or dampen it with a spray bottle first to get the cleanest, sharpest lines possible. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Can you cut your own bangs at home?

The key is to start small with a few careful snips. Right now is not the time to decide you want bangs (yes, you!). We recommend saving big changes for the pros, but to freshen up your layers, trim your (already-existing) bangs, or nab split ends at home, we've rounded up the best instructional videos below to help you cut your own hair at home. A few pointers before you get started:

Can you cut your hair back after it's wet?

Cut less than you think you need to. You can always take more hair off, but you can't add back what you've already chopped! If you're cutting your hair while it's wet, remember it will look even shorter once it dries.

how to cut your own hair black male
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