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how to do a simple male haircut

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What are the Best Hairstyles for men?

Men’s Medium Length HaircutsCurtains. Curtains are long bangs parted in the center or on the side. ...Hair Twist. Tame those kinks with twisted hair. ...Medium Length Afro. Afros work well for all hair lengths. ...Burst Fade. You’re only as good as your last men’s haircut,just ask James Harden! ...Mullet. ...Fringe. ...Shag. ...Side Parts and Slick Backs. ...Surfer Hairstyle. ...Comb Over. ...More items...

What haircut should I get men?

Top Hairstyles According to Hair Type and TextureFine Hair. The main task of the ideal hairstyle for fine hair is to make it visually thicker and fuller. ...Thin Hair. The best advice for thin hair is to choose simple short classic cuts,tamed versions of undercuts,without any extra and over.Thick Hair. ...Afro-Textured Hair. ...Curly Hair. ...Wavy Hair. ...Straight Hair. ...

How to do simple mens haircut?

Using a comb, bristles facing up, lift the hair on the lower half of the head and begin to cut ( inch in length) from the base of your head. Repeat, going a little bit higher but not into the transition zone. Move upward 1/4 of an inch at a time – the smoother movements usually result in a cleaner look.

What is the best hairstyle for thin hair men?

The Best Older Men’s Hairstyles For Thinning HairComb Over Hairstyle. A comb-over is indeed a simplified option to try. ...Quiff With Low Fade. A fade is probably one of the most integral parts of trendy ongoing hairstyles. ...Buzz Cut. ...Crew Cut. ...Side Part. ...Curtain Hairstyle. ...Slicked Back Pompadour. ...Caesar Cut. ...Razor Shave. ...Ivy League. ...More items...

What size scissors should I use for hair cutting?

Scissors AKA Shears: I recommend you use hair-cutting scissors specifically. They should be sharp and small (5-6 inches). You CAN use regular scissors, but they'll do a choppy job and be harder to use because of their large size.

What tools do I need to cut my hair?

Here are the tools you'll need to do this: Scissors AKA Shears – I recommend you use hair-cutting scissors specifically.

What tool to use to move hair around?

A Comb: This is the easiest tool you can use to move your hair around while you're cutting it.

Why do people cut their hair at home?

Cutting Your Hair At Home Gives You Control: You can always be in charge of when you get it cut and the touch-ups that are needed , no other considerations are needed. You make the time, you get it done.

How long does it take for hair to grow?

3-4 plus weeks or your hair grows fast? You'll want to go slow as you'll be shaping the silhouette of the cut.

How to cut your own hair?

Now you want to set up the space where you're going to cut your hair. Make sure you're in a well-lit area with no distractions. Prepare your chair or make room in the bathroom for some mirrors. Clear the floor of anything that may get in the way. Wet your hair in the shower or the sink.

What are the most common mistakes you make when cutting your own hair?

Here are some very common mistakes you want to avoid. Being TOO Aggressive – Take your time. Don't cut too much, or too fast or too high up. Go bit by bit and have patience.

How to give a man a haircut?

How to Give a Man a Simple Haircut. Most men want a simple, easy to maintain haircut. But, even a simple haircut can involve going to a barber every other week and paying up to $20. By using clippers to give a man a simple haircut you can keep him from being tied to the barber's chair. Purchase a set of hair clippers at your local store.

How to make a straight line from ear to ear?

Follow the curvature of the ear. Trim the hair around the neck. Without the guide comb, use the clippers to make a straight line following his natural hairline from ear to ear. Start at the ears and have the line meet up in the middle if you are worried about keeping it straight.

How to cut a man's hair at the neck?

Turn the clippers on and start cutting at the bottom of the hairline at his neck. Keep an even pressure on the clippers as you cut to ensure an even length. Cut at an even pace so you don't miss any hairs.

Can you use guide combs to trim ears?

This keeps the clippers from clogging and ensures that you are not missing any hairs. Remove the guide comb so you can carefully use the clippers to trim around the ears. Some hair clipper sets have guide combs designed specifically to trim around the ears.

Where to sweep up a clipper?

Pick a location that is easy to sweep up; bathrooms or kitchens with laminated floors work well. Or take a chair outside if your clippers are battery operated.

How to get rid of knots in hair?

Detangle your hair with a comb. Run the comb through your hair and work out any knots with the comb or with your fingers. Ridding your hair of tangles beforehand will result in a cleaner, more even cut.

What to do if your hair dries out while you comb it?

If your hair dries out while you comb it, spritz it with water until it's damp again.

What to do if you make a mistake while cutting your hair?

If you make a mistake while cutting, don't worry—you can always go to a hairstylist or salon. They can assess the cuts made and blend your hair into a new, clean hairstyle.

How to cut your hair with a clipper?

Cut one side of the head at a time. 1 Going against your hair's grain will result in a cleaner cut. 2 Some clippers come with ear tapers, which help you cut above and around your ears. Use these, if available, to make cleaner cuts around the ears.

Why do you have to scoop clippers away from your head?

Scooping the clippers away from your head helps to blend your cuts evenly.

How long does it take to cut your hair?

Find a comfortable place to cut your hair. Cutting your hair can take up to several hours, especially if you've never done it before. Choose a spot where you can sit down and work without worrying about making a mess. The best place to cut hair is the bathroom, where you'll have access to running water and a mirror.

What happens if you go against your hair grain?

Going against your hair's grain will result in a cleaner cut.

How to shave your hair in the opposite direction?

Just like shaving your face, the general rule of thumb is to shave in the opposite direction that the hair grows. Start at the sideburns and move the clippers in an upward motion as you back towards the head.

How long has Arthur worked as a hair stylist?

Arthur has worked as a hair stylist for over 20 years and received his Cosmetology License in 1998. He believes that the true work of a successful hair stylist comes from passion and a love for hairdressing. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback.

What is a comb over scissors?

Scissor over comb is a method for creating a taper with scissors. The scissors and comb move up the head together creating a smooth transition from short to long.

What is a hi top fade?

A "Hi-Top Fade" or "Faded" haircut is one that is very short on the bottom and progressively gets longer towards the top of the head. Whether you want to save some money on haircuts, or if you are interested in cutting hair, you can learn to do a fade cut easily with the right tools and a bit of practice. Steps.

How to separate hair from skull?

Section off the top portion of hair. Take a comb, and trace a rectangle above the round of the skull. This will separate the longer top hair from the shorter sides. Use a clip or an elastic band to keep this hair out of the way. If you are uncertain how big the rectangle should be, use the eyebrows as a guide.

Why is it important to know where your hair will be parted?

Knowing where the hair will be parted is important because you may have to blend the shorter side a little more than the longer side depending on the style.

What is a good way to clean up a sideburn?

It's also a good idea to purchase a professional trimmer, which is used to line sideburns and clean up the areas around the ears, neck and forehead. Ask your barber where he purchases his, or look around online.

What is the best haircut for men?

The best low maintenance haircuts for men such as a buzz cut, high and tight, short comb over, slicked back hair, quiff, brush up hair or messy spikes, these stylish yet relaxed hairstyles look good to any man.

Is it hard to find low maintenance hairstyles for men?

Are you a full-time student and employee, or a busy parent? Do you want your hair stylish but don’t spend too much time on it. Finding simple & easy, low-maintenance hairstyles for men is not difficult. Thankfully, there are many low-maintenance hairstyles to choose from for those who need almost no styling or maintenance, and these men’s hairstyles are also trendy.

Do men like simple hairstyles?

It is certain that many men like Simple Hairstyles, and from the above picture we can fully see the appeal of Men’s Low Maintenance Haircuts. If you need more persuasion, keep scrolling for the best Men’s Simple & Easy Hairstyles.

How to make smooth waves?

However, this smooth wave style is just as easy. Mold your hair into shape with a fine-toothed comb and some gel, and allow your hair to dry in place. Spike it up to create edge.

How to get volume in hair?

To enhance volume on a style like this, try washing hair with a shampoo, like Suave Men Thick & Full 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner , to thicken strands and give them a boost of volume.

What do you need to style 90s hair?

The only thing you need to style this ’90s-inspired hairstyle is a brush, which is why it made it to our list. Brush your hair forward to keep your style looking well-groomed.

How to get height at roots?

Think about combing your hair back and give it a little lift with volume. Use a blow-dryer to help you create some height at the roots.

What to pair with a high top?

Pair up a high top with low sides.

Does a cowlick work?

Let’s face it, it’s not all the time a cowlick will work in your favor . However, on a side-combed hairstyle (as above), it adds a bit of flavor to the overall look.

Can you recreate pompadour?

We love this look for any occasion and it’s easy to recreate on your own. Use our tutorial to learn how you can create a modern pompadour look.

What is the best haircut for a professional?

The Ivy League haircut is another great choice for guys who want a professional appearance. The Ivy League is a high-end take on the crew cut that leaves enough hair on top to be parted. Like the classic taper haircut, the Ivy League is a short cut that allows you to sport a side part. It’s a more tidy look than the classic taper, as the hair is much more uniform in most cases. It’s best for men with sharp, angular facial features.

What is a classic taper haircut?

A short classic taper haircut is both sophisticated and low maintenance. The hair on the sides and back is faded while the hair on top is cut to be longer than the sides and back. The classic taper cut can work with any length. This style is best for fashion-forward guys who don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for ease of maintenance.

What is a butch cut?

The butch cut is a staple men’s hairstyle that has stayed popular ever since its debut. Since the hair is the same length all over, a butch cut provides a very clean appearance.

What is the best low maintenance haircut for dyed hair?

The French crop is one of the best low maintenance haircuts for showing off dyed hair. Here, blonde highlights pop out thanks to the spiky crop.

Why is my hair two tone?

This simple haircut has a lot going for it. Its idiosyncratic two-tone appearance is caused by keeping the hair at two extreme lengths.

How long is a regulation cut?

If you want your hair to be on the longer side of short, give the regulation cut a try. The regulation cut leaves as much as 2 inches on top and has a businesslike look to it. While the top is left long enough to part, the sides and back are faded into the skin, meaning that the fade will gradually disappear until it blends into the skin of the neck. Like the classic taper haircut, the regulation cut looks professional and crisp.

What is Caesar cut?

If you like your hair super short, the Caesar may be a good option for you. In a Caesar cut, the hair is the same length all over. This can have many advantages if you’re a particularly active individual. You can walk into almost any barbershop or salon and get a good Caesar, but you can also cut it at home.

What Next?

Now that you have learned all about the anatomy of a man’s haircut, check out more of our guides:

What is thinning scissors?

Thinned: The barber uses thinning scissors to reduce volume. These resemble the love-child of between a pair of scissors and a comb. It selectively reduces length and thus thins the hair. It’s great for thick hair but be aware that the hair will grow out unnaturally over time with stray strands.

What angle does a barber cut hair?

Choppy: The barber cuts the hair at 45° angles at different lengths to provide a varied texture. This creates the illusion of volume and makes it easy to style messy looks.

How many face shapes are there?

Before you continue, it’s highly recommended that you are aware of your face shape as we’ve outlined 7 face shapes in detail. This plays an important role in assessing how well a hairstyle may suit your facial proportions, which we discuss in each guide. If you haven’t already, consider identifying your face shape.

What is a faded hair?

This is the way that the hair length diminishes down the back and sides. It’s often referred to as a Fade and can come as High, Medium and low.

What is classic style?

A subdued and minimalist approach. Classic looks seek to adopt well-balanced and recognised styles. These aren’t necessarily conservative but fit in well to most environments and most importantly the workplace. The key is bringing out elegance through simplicity.

What is the first thing you notice about a man?

Consider also that according to a 2009 Axe survey, nearly 74% of women agree that hair is the first things they notice about a man. If you think about it, a job interview is very much like a first date.

how to do a simple male haircut
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