how to draw anime eyes male

how to draw anime eyes male插图

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  • How to draw anime eyes like a pro?

  • Begin drawing the male Anime eye by drawing a thick line for the upper eye. Don鈥檛 make the line too straight, give it a little bit of a curve in the middle. Remember that Manga male eyes are always 鈥渘arrow鈥?and 鈥渢hin鈥?compared to female eyes.

  • How to draw a male character with eyes?

  • Draw each step for each eye before moving on to the next step. Draw the overall shape of the eye. The outline of the eye will basically be the eyelashes. As already mentioned the eyes of male characters (especially older males) tend to be narrower than those of female characters.

  • How to draw eyelashes in anime?

  • Eyelashes in anime are bolder and less feathery than realistic drawings. You can also add smaller lashes on the bottom curve if you like. Also, draw a thin line slightly above the thick curved line you did in the beginning. This indicates the eye socket and gives the eyes more depth.

  • How do you draw a frowning face in anime?

  • Anime male face side view frowning expression drawing For a frowning face draw the eyes eyebrow lowered (especially its front end). Make the eye slightly squinted with the bottom eyelid in reverse of it鈥檚 normal curve. Draw the mouth in an upside down curve as well with the bottom lips very slightly raised.

    how to draw anime eyes male

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