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how to draw cartoon hair male

how to draw cartoon hair male插图

How to draw Anime Hairstyles?

Step 1: Draw an outline for the head as drawn in the above tutorial. Every anime character has a different hairstyle thus select which one you want to draw. Draw a dot on top of the head and 3 on the forehead at an equal distance from the top one. Then start drawing hair using curve adjoining and forming spikes for every strand of hair.

How to draw a cartoon character?

– Draw letter ‘V’ shapes at the bottom of each character. – Draw oval in each eye. – Draw the ears. – Draw a smile on each face. – Draw letter ‘z’ shape for the collars. – Continue drawing the mouths. – Draw letter ‘W’ shapes for character #2’s hair. – Continue drawing the shirts. – Continue with the hair. – Draw the side of character #2’s face.

How do you make a hair drawing look realistic?

Combed male hair drawing Darken the shading even further by applying more layer of strokes. Once nearly done you can again draw some tiny lines sticking out of the main shape of the hair to give an appearance of individual hair. This will make the drawing look more realistic.

How do you draw a man's face?

Add detail to the man's ears. Add the man's facial features, including his eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows. Always remember that people's eyes are positioned halfway down their heads, not at the top. You can adjust his expression by the slope of the eyebrows and the angle or curve of the mouth. Draw a shirt on the man.

How to draw male hair on head?

Male hair on head drawing. Over the top of the head and hairline draw the outline of the hair. For this step leave out all of the small splits and folds and instead draw the larger main shapes that define this particular hairstyle. Male hair outline drawing. Erase the parts of the head covered by the hair after you are done with this step.

How to shade hair?

To begin shading make light strokes that flow along the various hair clumps. Try to not have too many overlapping lines and don’t completely blend all of them together. You want the pencil lines in the mid tone areas (light grey parts that are not highlights or shadows) to be somewhat visible in order to create an appearance of individual hairs.

How to make your hair darker in shadows?

Leave the highlight areas (brightest parts) of the hair completely white and make the strokes for the darker in shadow areas slightly darker. The goal of this step is to create a shading guide for yourself by establishing the general flow of the strokes and the light, dark and mid tone areas.

How to make your hairline look more natural?

Over top of the head and hairline guide add the main outline of the hair. To make the actual hairline look more natural you can make it more wavy and not as perfectly symmetrical as it’s guide line.

How to keep hair looking natural?

To keep the hair looking natural you ca make large parts of it overlap the guide line but at the same time still try and somewhat follow its general shape.

How to make a shading layer darker?

Begin darkening and smoothing out the shading by applying another layer of strokes. Make this layer slightly darker than the previous. Again the reason for applying the shading gradually is to help avoid potential mistakes. You can see the same step of the previous example for a more detailed explanation of this.

What does the visible stroke do in shading?

The visible strokes will help make the shading look like individual hairs.

How to draw straight hair?

The directional flow will also vary less, but there should still be some slight curves. Once you have your outline and flow, fill in the strands and add color.

How to make your hair look more opacity?

Keep adding strands until you get the opacity you want. Then add extra strands around the edges where the individual curls stand out more. Jemison suggests using multiple shades of the same tone to add the appearance of thickness. Follow the looping pattern over and and over again to fill out the middle of the hair. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts here. “If you just paint a color and then add the edges, it’s not going to look realistic,” Jemison says.

Why is it important to have directional hair?

For extremely short hair, it’s even more important to pay attention to the directional flow because shorter hair can have a greater variety of direction. For curly hair, make small circular strokes to capture curls made of several strands.

How to do a curling stroke?

For extremely short hair, it’s even more important to pay attention to the directional flow because shorter hair can have a greater variety of direction. For curly hair, make small circular strokes to capture curls made of several strands. Be sure to leave your strokes lighter where the hair lifts off the hairline, and leave some middle areas lighter for natural variations in tone.

How many hairs do you need to know for a head fall?

You don’t need to know exactly where each one of the 100,000 or more hairs on your subject’s head fall, but you should know the length, style, texture, and volume of the hair. Short hair requires a different strategy from long hair, just as curly hair demands totally different pencil or brush strokes from straight hair.

How to draw dreadlocks?

The process for drawing dreadlocks is similar to that for other types of hair. Draw the outline first, and then just draw the general shape of the locks, which are like thin recta ngles. Refer to your reference photo to see how the locks fall.

Does curly hair care about gravity?

“Some are squiggles and others are loops.” Remember that curly hair tends to extend away from the head before falling downward. “Very curly hair does not care about gravity at all. It’s always going to be sitting up,” says artist Monica Jemison.

How to draw anime head?

Every anime character has a different hairstyle thus select which one you want to draw. Draw a dot on top of the head and 3 on the forehead at an equal distance from the top one.

How to draw hair?

Step 1: For drawing hair, draw the outline for the head as given below. It will help you in estimating the position of the scalp and volume. Step 2: After drawing the outline of draw outline for the hair, it will be equal to the volume you want to draw. Step 3: Draw outline for hair, use curvy lines for the top hair, ...

Do boys have different hairstyles?

Hairstyle changes one’s facial look totally. Like girls, boys also keep different hairstyles to get a new look. No male is there who is not fond of hair for their looks. It’s easy to draw different hairstyle looks with only a little change in scalp and shades.

How to draw a sleeve?

Start off with a basic rounded rectangle shape. Add the sleeves. For the bottom, draw the basic shapes, and start constructing the final shape. Add details such as polka dots, stripes, zebra print etc.

How to draw a man wearing a cloak?

First draw a collar, then take the inside lines that are closest to each other on the collar and then make that line as long as you want the cloak. Then take the outside line and make it parallel to the inside line and curve it a little.

How many people edit wikihow?

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How to adjust a man's facial expression?

You can adjust his expression by the slope of the eyebrows and the angle or curve of the mouth.

How to draw a man's head?

1. Start out using a light color. Light blue in particular or yellow won't show up if you scan or copy your drawing, so you don't need to erase it. When you are happy with your picture, go over your best lines in black. 2. Draw a circle, which will be the man's head. 3.

How many stick legs do you draw on a man?

Draw two stick legs on the man.

Why do you use a pencil instead of a pen?

Using a pencil instead of a pen or marker can prove helpful as it is much easier to correct any mistakes, because you can just simply erase the errors and start over again.

What are the characteristics that each of our characters has?

After choosing your source image, you will need to look at each of your characters and pinpoint what their most distinguishable features are. This is important if you are going to make the cartoon characters look like the actual people you are trying to create. So lets look at Russell and Graham.

How to draw a schooby doo face?

Take a look at the tips for drawing in Scooby Doo style. Basically there are 2 jaw types that are predominantly used…the strong jaw type which Fred has and the softer jaw of Shaggy. You draw Shaggy’s face by drawing a letter ‘J’. You draw Fred’s face by drawing a #5-like shape. Fred’s hair is neat and Shaggy’s is messy. You draw the both types of hair by drawing a sideways #3-like shape on top of the face. However, with the messy hair type, you draw a bunch of letter ‘W’ like shapes for the wisps of hair.

Is Scooby Doo remade?

Scooby Doo was remade a few times (I believe), but I am talking about the original Scooby Doo style. The faces of the men will be in 3/4 view. Scooby Doo has a unique look to it, so it shouldn’t be too hard to give you a few pointers when drawing men or boys in Scooby Doo cartoon style.

What is Russell's face like?

Russell (man on left) – Russell has curly hair. – Russell has a very cute, small nose. – Russell’s face is a little boyish, which gives him a cute appearance. – He has a feminine jawbone, which doesn’t mean he has a feminine appearance…his jawbone is just less defined than Graham’s. – He is a bit shorter than Graham.

Where are the lines on a circle?

The lines can be on the top of the circle, at the bottom of the circle , or both. The mouths are usually sideways letter ‘A’ shapes. And the chins sometimes have clefts, but sometimes there is no cleft. If the person is heavy or fat, the chin is inside the face instead of at the outside of the face.

Can you mess up a Simpsons cartoon?

You can’t really mess up a Simpsons cartoon, as long as you add circle eyes and a Simpsons-style mouth, everyone will know that you are drawing a Simpsons character. Lets take a look at how to draw in Simpsons-style now. Take a look at the guide above. Like I said above, all the eyes are circular.

How to draw cartoon hair

I am basing this cartoon hair on the photo you can see. The woman has a very rounded hairstyle and I am exaggerating that with sweeping lines. You want to look for big shapes rather than strands of hair when you are drawing a cartoon. To see the big shapes of the hair, it often helps to squint, which blurs the image and simplifies it.

How to draw realistic hair

The biggest mistake that beginners often make when drawing realistic hair is trying to draw every single strand of hair, and you don’t need to do that, all you need is to create the illusion of it. So first of all, I’ll start by indicating the direction of the hair growth with my pencil.

How to draw hair curls

It’s not hard to draw hair curls. All you’ve got to do is observe how the light hits each individual curl. I’m doing the same thing as I did before. I’m starting by defining the direction of the hair growth with my pencil. As the hair twists, I’m indicating the new direction it’s going in.

how to draw cartoon hair male
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