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how to handle male dog when female is in heat

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If your male dog becomes agitated while he encounters a female in heat,here are some tips to help him relax:Move your dog away from the female in heat.Be gentle with your dog. ...Try to keep your dog busy. ...Have someone else pet your dog. ...Take your dog outside to relieve himself.Use a muzzle if your dog gets excited and starts barking or biting.Use menthol spray or essential oils to mask the smell of the female pheromones

What are the signs of a female dog in heat?

What Are the Stages of a Dog in Heat?Proestrus: duration 7-12 days. You will see an enlarged vulva and possibly bloody vaginal discharge in this early phase. ...Estrus: Duration 7-9 Days. Estrus is the fertile period. ...Diestrus: Duration Around 65-90 Days. They are characterized by discontinuation of vaginal discharge and unwillingness to mate. ...Anestrus. ...

How long does a female dog stay in heat?

There are four stages of a female dog in heat, each stage lasting anywhere from around 5 days to 150 days. The common dog in heat symptoms include swelling and bloody discharge from vulva, as well...

How to calm a female dog during her heat cycle?

Ways to Help Your Female Dog When She’s in HeatUse a diaper. This tip might sound weird,but if you put a diaper on your female dog,it can help prevent her from spreading her scent and discharge ...Tire her out. Make sure you exercise your dog a lot,which will help distract her and tire her out but consider taking her out for multiple shorter walks.Change her walking schedule. ...Hide her scent. ...More items...

How do male dogs act around females in heat?

How do male dogs act around females in heat? If an intact male dog catches the scent of a nearby female in heat, she will become his entire focus. Male dogs may stop eating, increase their marking, become increasingly aggressive and obsess over tracking down the female dog in heat throughout the duration of her cycle.

How to keep a dog in heat?

Home remedies for a dog in heat. If separating your dogs proves difficult, try a doggie diaper. Readily available in pet stores, diapers collect any discharge from your female to keep her and your house clean. Collecting this discharge also helps to mask its smell, according to Animal Wised, hopefully keeping your male dog in heat behavior ...

Why do dogs need to be spayed?

Spaying your dog prevents her from going into heat, thereby permanently solving the problem of what to do with your male when she enters her heat cycle. Spaying your dog before her first heat can also lengthen her life, reducing the risk of mammary and other types of cancers.

What happens if you put a dog in the yard during the heat cycle?

If you put your female dog in the yard during her heat cycle, your property will attract tenacious male dogs determined to find a way to get to her. If separating your dogs in your home isn't doing the trick, consider boarding one of them or sending your male dog to stay with a friend or family member.

How often do dogs go into heat?

Most have their first heat cycle at around six months of age and then go into heat once every six months thereafter, according to the AKC. If you wish to breed your female, you can opt to neuter your male dog rather than spaying your female. A neutered male won't notice her heat cycle the way an intact male will.

How to keep a dog from getting tired in heat?

Other non-chemical, simple home remedies for a dog in heat are exercising your male dog rigorously and frequently. This can render him too tired to concern himself with your female dog's feminine wiles. Craft your workout plans carefully, however. If you plan to walk your male dog to tire him out, take a different route than you follow when walking your female dog. She will leave her hormones along any path she travels, so following her later with your male dog will cause more problems than it solves.

How to get rid of dog smell in heat?

Try odor maskers. If desired, you can try menthol sprays and other odor-masking agents to cover up the scent of a dog in heat. These sprays won't cover the scent completely, but they do reduce it and may calm your male. You might need to try multiple scents and formulas before you find one that works for your particular dog.

How to keep male dog calm in heat?

Keep them separated. The simplest solution for keeping your male dog calm when your female goes into heat is separating them. The less exposure your male dog has to your female, the fewer opportunities he will have to bask in her pheromones and decide he's ready for action. Keep the dogs as far away from each other as you possibly can, ...

How to keep a dog from smelling a scent?

Put the male dog indoors or in a kennel if a female dog in heat is going to be close by outdoors, as this can help to prevent him from smelling her scent. Do not let the male dog go for walks with a female dog in heat or play with her. Put the dogs in separate rooms on opposite sides of your home.

How to keep dogs from being around each other?

Shut both dogs in separate rooms as far from each other as you can manage in your home. Keep the door shut and try not to let either dog out at the same time so they are not around each other.

How long does a dog stay in a kennel?

Keep the dog in the kennel for the female’s entire heat, which can last around 3 weeks. You may prepare the male dog for boarding in a kennel by having him stay in the kennel for short visits to get used to the environment. You can then pre-book the kennel for the male dog so he can stay there while the female is in heat.

How to keep a male dog calm?

1. Keep the male away from the female until she is no longer in heat. The only way to keep a male dog calm is to keep him far away from a female dog in heat , as he will not be able to control his reactions to her. Put the male dog indoors or in a kennel if a female dog in heat is going to be close by outdoors, as this can help to prevent him ...

What to do if my dog keeps licking my incision?

If the dog keeps licking the incision, you may need to get it an Elizabethan collar, which looks like a large cone, to prevent it from licking. If fluid or discharge comes out of the incision or if the dog appears to be in a lot of pain, bring it to the vet for a check up right away.

How to stop male dog from moaning at door?

Keep the door shut and try not to let either dog out at the same time so they are not around each other. Make sure there are no toys or items in the male’s room that belong to the female, as they will contain the female’s scent. Smelling the item can then cause the male dog to whine, moan, and scratch at the door. ...

How to keep two dogs from being in the same household?

If the two dogs live in the same household, place as much distance as you can between the male and the female, as the male can smell and sense the female. Shut both dogs in separate rooms as far from each other as you can manage in your home.

When a Female Dog is in Heat

A female dog can be anywhere between 6 and 24 months old when she has her first heat cycle. Smaller dogs typically go into heat earlier, and large and giant breeds might not have their first heat cycle until they are around 2 years old. Most female dogs go into heat about every 6 months (usually twice a year), and it can last about 4 weeks.

How a Male Dog Acts When a Female Dog is in Heat

Male dogs are driven by their biological urges when they are able to sense a female dog is in heat. Some of the behaviors that male dogs will exhibit when they are around a female in heat are:

When You Have Both Dogs Living Under the Same Roof

When your female dog in heat is living in the same house as an unneutered male dog, you have yourself a worst-case scenario.

Here Are 8 Tips and Tricks to Help You Cope

If your house is large enough, you should keep them in separate rooms as far away from each other as possible. Male dogs can usually scent a female dog in heat up to 3 miles away! It will be even more effective if you can keep them in rooms on different floors or opposite sides of the house.


If you choose to spay or neuter your dog, these tips and tricks won’t be necessary, and life would definitely be much easier for everyone. Your dog’s comfort and happiness are essential, and we hope that some of these ideas will prove helpful.

Know about the Heat Cycle of Dogs

Your female dog annually experiences one to four heat cycles which last them for two to three weeks. It’s very obvious that initially, you won’t see any signs but after a few days, you may see swelling of the vaginal area and blood discharge.

How to Handle a Dog in Heat?

You need to know how to calm a dog in heat for better support and attention. You have to understand that your dog is going through strange emotions and she needs extra caring and love from you. Your furry friend may easily get anxious and lash out during this period .

A Common Behavior of The Male Dog in Heat

Before knowing how to treat a female dog in the heat, you need to know how to calm a male dog in heat.

A Common Behavior of The Female Dog in Heat

Aggression is a common behavior among female dogs in heat. This is one of the reasons your dog can bite you when she is excited. Their drastic hormonal changes led to dog mood changes. It also causes irritability, nervousness, and pain because of ovulation .

How to Calm a Male Dog when a Female is in Heat?

How to calm a male dog when a female is in heat? This is a common question all dog owners ask. Being a dog owner myself, I have found the following steps which you can follow to calm your male dog in heat.

How to Calm a Female Dog in Heat?

We can’t deny the fact that it is not a fun time for her. She is in pain and things can get a little messy at your house too, but you love her and you can learn new things to help her and keep her calm and comfortable.

Home Remedies for a Dog in Heat

I understand not everyone has a big house where you can keep your dog separately. So, if you are one of them and wondering how to stop a male dog from smelling a female in heat then this is for you.

Can a Male Dog Go into Heat?

No, a male dog cannot go into heat. After he becomes sexually mature at around 6 months of age he can mate at any time of the year whenever there is a female in heat. The dog’s sexual arousal is much more expressed when he can smell female pheromones.

How to keep male dog from being in heat?

If there is no chance to get your male dog far away from the female in heat, you can try using safe essential oils or menthol spray to mask the smell of the female pheromones which will calm your male dog down.

Why do dogs smell like gentlemen?

The specific smells so inviting to gentlemen dogs are because of the presence of pheromones.

Why do people take their dogs to the vet?

Some people get so worried their dogs are not drinking, eating, or sleeping properly they decide to get them to the vet to rule out other medical issues.

Why do dogs become aggressive?

Male dogs have the urge to escape their homes, start urine-marking excessively, lose focus, and sometimes become aggressive whenever they want to mate.

What does it mean when a dog's world is upside down?

A male dog might have his world turned upside down or act as if nothing unusual is happening when a dame of the same species lures him in with specific smells and movements.

How often can you use a sanitizer?

The spray can be used multiple times a day according to the instructions.

Do Male and Female Dogs Both Go Into Heat?

So, the first thing you should know is that male dogs don’t actually go into heat. The term ‘in heat’ just refers to female dogs, specifically when their hormones are active and they’re eager to get frisky.

How long does it take for a dog to mature?

As soon as most male dogs reach sexual maturity (about six months in age) they’re ready to reproduce. Female dogs reach maturity at about the same age. Of course, just like humans, you can give or take a few months – or, in some cases, years. Bigger dog breeds tend to mature more slowly and some females won’t go into heat ...

Why do dogs sniff other dogs' butts?

They’re doing this because they’re seeking out pheromones, which are hormones released that indicate sexual fertility.

How far can dogs pick up pheromones?

Pheromones can travel a long distance and dogs can even pick up on pheromones produced by a female dog as far as 5 miles away! You may also notice your dog sniffing the ground in a manner different than usual. Male dogs are highly attracted to the smell of pheromones which can remain in urine.

Why does my dog hump things?

Your dog is frequently mounting or ‘humping’ things, ranging from inanimate objects to your leg to other dogs. Physical changes to your dog’s anatomy (erections, secretions, etc.) These behaviors can occur even when there are no female dogs around.

What is the pheromone that dogs detect?

The particular pheromone, in this case, is known as methyl p-hydroxybenzoate. When dogs detect this pheromone they become more sexually engaged. The pheromone is so strong that researchers revealed that male dogs responded sexually to female dogs who were sprayed with the hormone even if they weren’t in heat.

Do dogs go into heat?

Male dogs don’t actually go into heat. However, they are certainly responsive when female dogs go into heat. Much like males of any species, including (especially?) humans, male dog in heat behavior can be erratic and spontaneous.

how to handle male dog when female is in heat
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