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how to identify male and female parrot

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Females will have ventral feathers that are edged in a shade of gray. Males will have ventral feathers that are solid red. There may be a small white hairline on male feathers.Keep in mind,this test is not accurate for young parrots. You cannot rely on tail feathers to determine sex unless your grey is 18 months of age or older.

Is My parrot male or female?

If your parrot does not lay eggs, however, it could be male or female. DNA testing is the method used by most breeders to determine whether a parrot is male or female. In order to determine the DNA profile of a parrot a blood sample can be taken by your veterinarian.

How to tell the sex of an African grey parrot?

This is the only way to be certain of the sex of your African Grey parrot. Consider the body. There are slight differences in body type and size between males and females. First consider your bird's general body type to get a gauge of whether your bird is more likely male or female. From there, you can look at more subtle physical characteristics.

How can you tell the sex of a ringneck parrot?

Find the sex of a Ringneck Parrot. The Ringneck differs from some other breeds because it is sexually dismorphic. That term means that there is a way to visually distinguish the sex of these birds. A male Ringneck develops a brightly colored, dark ring around his neck. The female will have a very faint ring. [5]

How can you tell the difference between male and female parakeets?

In most cases the differences between males and females cannot be seen at first glance. The only possible way to distinguish them is through analysis or by consulting an expert. However, in certain species of parrots and parakeets the differences between males and females are much more obvious.


In the parakeets that we all know, sexual dimorphism is seen in the waxy, that is, the nose. In parrots, the nose is in a fleshy area from where the beak comes out.


In ecletus parrots the difference between males and females is very evident. In males there are very intense green tones, and their beaks are orange or yellowish. Instead, the females have a beautiful mix of colors that vary between red and blue, and their beak is dark, almost black.


In the case of nymphs it is also possible to find sexual dimorphism. This is the case of the ancestral, the pearly and the white-faced.

How to make a parrot happy?

For instance, in order to be happy, parrots like to have at least a little bit of time outside of the cage each day. Be certain that you are comfortable having a parrot flying around or house before bringing one home. [6]

Why do parrots need surgical sex?

Surgical sexing is mostly used to determine adult parrots with an unknown history. It has been known to harm the reproductive systems of smaller, younger birds.

How to tell if a parrot is male or female?

Many varieties of parrots do not have any visible differences between a male and a female. The only way to definitively tell the sex of a parrot is to wait and see if it lays eggs. But for some species, there are certain other markers you can look for.

What color are African grey feathers?

Female African Greys have light grey feathers on the underside of their bodies. In males, these feathers are typically a darker grey.

What color are the under tail feathers of a male Senegal?

The under-tail feathers of a male Senegal is almost always pure yellow. It is very rare to find a male Senegal with any green in these feathers. Female Senegals have under-tail feathers that are a combination of yellow and green. This method is not 100% accurate.

What color is an Eclectus parrot?

The Eclectus is one of the simpler breeds to visually sex. The male typically is mostly green with vivid splashes of red on his wing bends and the sides of his body. The female Eclectus is mainly red, blue, or purple.

How old do Quakers lay eggs?

Some female Quakers do not lay eggs until they are more than 10 years old. You might have to be very patient to determine the sex of your Quaker. You can make an educated guess based on some behavioral traits of Quaker Parrots.

Can Parrots Change Gender?

Parrots cannot change their sex. The ability to spontaneously change from male to female or female to male is rare among animals. It’s defined in Copeia as protandry, protogyny, or sequential hermaphroditism.

What percentage of parrots are monomorphic?

As stated in the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery, 75% of all parrot species (the psittacine family) are sexually monomorphic. That means there is no identifiable difference between the sexes, excluding their genitalia. So, if your parrot doesn’t show any indicators of its gender, is sexing parrots impossible?

How many parrot species are there?

So, what about parrots that do show physical differences? There are currently 387 living parrot species, each with its own traits and behaviors. On occasion, these can be used to parse male parrots from female parrots.

How long do parrots live?

However, many parrots are long-lived and mature at 3-10 years of age. The long wait time makes this option less than ideal. That’s especially true if you’re cohabitating several parrots in a single enclosure.

What is DNA testing?

DNA testing is a method for sexing a parrot. It is also preferred to surgical sexing, as it places less stress on the animal and has little risk involved.

What color eyes do cockatoos have?

Other cockatoo breeds have different-colored eyes. For example, male Galah cockatoos have black eyes while females have pink eyes.

Where do cockatoos come from?

Cockatoos are large parrots native to Australia, New Guinea, and parts of Indonesia. A flamboyant, intelligent personality and unusual crest make this parrot a well-loved pet. There aren’t many breeds of cockatoo with drastic visual differences. This further complicates telling the sexes apart:


You can tell what gender is your parrot just by looking at the differences between males and females. It is a little harder if you only got a single bird, so you don’t have another individual to make a comparison. Some breeds are dimorphic, like Eclectus parrot. other breeds do not have any special marks.

Asking The Seller

Most professional breeders and some pet stores actually have the right information about the gender of the parrot they are selling. Not all of them, but it’s worth asking. The previous owners who want to want to sell their birds or put them for adoption are also likely to know this about their pet.

DNA Testing

This is the most accurate method for determining the gender of your parrot or any other bird. And this is the method that I recommend for beginners. Do not guess, especially if you know all you got is observing how your parrots are behaving, and looking for dimorphic signs and marks, which not all parrots have.


The coloration is one important factor to differentiate between the genders in parrots, and it could be easy to do for some breeds, and likely impossible for others.


The size is one more thing that could help you determine the gender of your parrot. Especially with relatively smaller breeds of parrots. Budgies, for example, the healthy male budgie has a bigger or bulkier body than the healthy female.


When you interact with your parrot, you may notice a difference in behavior between them both. For females, they tend to be more aloof, or play carefully, or sometimes prefer not to interact more often. But for male parrots, tend to be curious and playful.

Why do I need to know whether my parrot is male or female?

With that being said, knowing the gender can come in handy for things like picking a name or knowing what to expect during mating season.

What parrots have yellow undertails?

Other parrots that differ visually are Ringnecks (males have darker rings around their necks), Senegals (females have yellow/green undertail feathers while males only have yellow), and Eclectus (males have a candy corn beak, while females have a black beak).

What organ is used to release urine?

Depending on which sex organ the parrot has, this is where the sperm or eggs will be discharged. The cloaca is the opening that is used for sexual functioning, but it is also the same organ that is used to release urine or waste.

How to test a parrot for reproductive organs?

From there, a small incision will be made in the abdomen and a fiber optic tube will be inserted for the veterinarian to see the reproductive organs. Males will have testicles while females will have ovaries.

What is a cloaca in a parrot?

A cloaca is an internal chamber that ends in an opening. This may be something that you expect in female parrots, but the anatomy is the same for a male parrot. In other words, both males and females have cloacas, which is why it is so difficult to tell them apart simply by looking.

How to tell if a parrot is male or female?

By far the easiest way to tell if your parrot is male or female is to wait for breeding season to determine whether or not they lay eggs. If a parrot lays an egg, it’s female.

Why is it so hard to tell the difference between a male and female parrot?

Why is it so difficult to tell the difference between a male and female parrot? The answer to this question is because a parrot’s genital areas are all internal, regardless of whether they are male or female. In other words, male parrots don’t have a penis. Instead, they have what is known as a cloaca.

Why Should You Determine If Your Bird is Male or Female?

Both males and female parrotlets are similar in temperament. However, as a bird owner, you might be curious about whether or not your pet is a boy or a girl.

How to tell if a parrotlet is male or female?

There are some physical characteristic s that you can look for to discern whether your parrotlet is a male or female. These typically include different-colored feathers in specific locations on the parrotlet’s body. The two parrotlet species most commonly kept as pets display different colors and markings between sexes. These include:

What color are Pacific parrotlets?

The typical Pacific parrotlet is green with a few differences between males and females. There are some color mutations of Pacific parrotlets that can change the base or highlight feather colors, making it more difficult to distinguish between the sexes.

Can a parrotlet lay eggs?

If your parrotlet lays eggs, then you know that you have a female bird. This may seem obvious, but some bird owners are not aware that a female parrotlet who is kept alone can still lay eggs. The eggs aren’t fertilized and won’t hatch.

Can a veterinarian test a bird?

The good news is the testing is often inexpensive and it’s pretty reliable. Your veterinarian can collect a blood sample from your bird and send it to a laboratory for testing. If your veterinarian does not perform DNA testing, you can also send in a nail or feather clipping to a laboratory on your own.

Can you put a bird under anesthesia?

This method should only be used as an absolute last resort and only if necessary. It requires your bird to be put under anesthesia before an incision is made in the abdomen. The veterinarian will be able to view the reproductive organs and tell you if the bird is a male or female.

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Why are my feathers red?

Pink or red feathers are most often due to damaged feather follicles or health issues. Has he ever plucked? This will often be a cause of pink or red feathers. It also could be a sign of psittacine beak and feather disease. Please visit your avian veterinarian to make sure this isn’t anything serious.

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How to tell if a parrot is gray?

Observe your parrot when it is flapping its wings. You should be able to see three bands of gray on the underside of the wings. The colors of these bands are slightly different in males and females. In females, the bands are usually gray, white, and dark gray. In males, the bands are usually gray, gray, and dark gray.

What color are male and female feathers?

Females will have ventral feathers that are edged in a shade of gray. Males will have ventral feathers that are solid red. There may be a small white hairline on male feathers.

What are the feathers on an African Grey bird called?

Traditionally, male Greys have darker tail feather colors than hens. You need to check what are called the "ventral feathers. ". These are a set of about 10 feathers found directly under the bird's tail. You can pick up your African Grey and gently flip him or her over to examine the feathers.

How do vets determine sex of a bird?

Vets often use endoscopies to determine sex. This is involves using a telescope to examine a bird's internal organs. Your vet may have other laboratory means to test the sex of your bird. Sex testing methods depend on your bird's overall health and medical history, so talk over options with your vet.

How tall are male birds?

From there, you can look at more subtle physical characteristics. Males are usually 12-14 inches (30-35.5 cm) in height.

Does It Matter What Sex a Macaw Is?

The truth is that it does not matter what a Macaw’s sex is unless they live with other Macaws that they could possibly mate with. If you do not know the sex of your Macaws that are living together, chances are that you could end up with babies that you did not anticipate being born. If a Macaw is living on their own or in a separate habitat than their companions, it does not matter much what their sex is. Both males and females are interactive, intelligent, sociable, and interactive with their human companions. So, unless breeding is a concern, both sexes make wonderful pets.

Is a macaw a male or female?

If gonads are detected inside the incision area, an expert can confidently determine that a Macaw is a male. If no gonads are found, then it is safe to say that the bird is a female. The problem with this sexing method is that it is invasive and can result in infections.

Do macaws have narrow beaks?

Beak: It is thought that female Macaws have narrower beaks than their male counterparts.

how to identify male and female parrot
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