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how to introduce a female cat to a male cat

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How to properly introduce cats?

Introduce the cat and kitten through scent and sound. The scent of pheromones, especially, plays an important role in cat introductions. Hearing and smelling each other allows cats to get used to each other without physically interacting. Keep your cat and kitten in their separate spaces, but gently rub them with the same towel so their scents mix.

How do you introduce a new cat?

How to Introduce a Cat to a New HomeLook into Adoption. There are so many adorable cats and kittens in shelters across the country just waiting to find loving homes.Taking in a Stray Cat. Sometimes a cat finds you rather than the other way around. ...New Cat Checklist. ...Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Cat. ...Getting Your Home Ready for a Cat. ...Cat Introductions. ...Behavior Issues. ...

How to introduce your cat to a new cat?

The resident cat should now be confined in the room,while the new cat is allowed to roam the house. ...Continue to feed both cats close to their respective sides of the door.While the new cat is exploring your home,you may want to close bedroom and bathroom doors at first so she does not feel overwhelmed. ...

How to introduce two cats to each other?

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Introduce Two CatsFirst Step: Introducing Their Smell. The day you bring the second cat home,make sure any contact with your first cat is prohibited. ...Second Step: Letting Them See Each Other. The cats must be able to see one another. ...Third Step: Positive Reinforcement. Cats learn through positive reinforcement,so praise them when they are calm around each other. ...

How to get your cat to be comfortable with a new cat?

Use Scent Transfer to Help Your Cats Get Comfortable. Transferring each cat’s scent to a sock and swapping them will safely allow each cat to become accustomed to the other cat’s scent. Wipe the resident cat’s face, especially the mouth and cheek areas, with a sock, and place it in the new cat’s area. Then wipe the new cat’s face ...

Why do cats sniff each other?

At first, the cats may sniff one another under the closed door, which can help them get used to each other in a nonthreatening, nonvisual way. You can start to create a positive association by placing their food bowls far enough away from the closed door that each is comfortable and relaxed on their own side.

How to bring a new cat home?

When you bring your new cat home, place them in a room that’s not your resident cat’s primary space. Keep both animals isolated so that they can’t see one another, preferably with a solid door between them. Make sure each cat has their own food, water, litter box, and scratching post.

How to get cats to associate with each other?

The goal is to get the cats to associate each other with good things like treats and food. You can also try petting and brushing, depending on the cats’ likes.

Why does my cat urinate outside the box?

If one cat hides more than usual, urinates outside of the box, or grooms herself to the point of hair loss , those are signs that she is unhappy or stressed, and you may need to spend more time working on positive reinforcement with the baby gate between your cats, Maxwell says.

What to do before bringing a new cat home?

Before you bring your new cat home, prepare yourself for the introduction. The initial introduction is important, since it can make or break the relationship, says Pam Johnson-Bennett, certified animal behavior consultant.

Why do cats need to be able to investigate?

Your new cat needs to be able to safely investigate the rest of the home. This will help them feel more secure in their new surroundings.

How to get a cat to smell like a sock?

Scent is central to your cat’s perception of the world. Take a clean sock and put it on your hand, then pet the new cat with your sock-clad hand. Focus on rubbing the cat’s face, chin and cheeks. You are in fact lacing the sock with the scent of that cat.

How to get cats to learn about each other?

If one of the cats is vocal, that’s another way for them to learn about each other’s existence. That’s fine for now but don’t try to bring them together just yet. Wait for the new cat to adjust to his or her new surroundings first.

How to make a cat room with a screen door?

Cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett suggests using three baby gates, one on top of the other, to create a gate the size of your door which you can use as an additional door to the new cat’s room. A screen door works too. Behaviorist Jackson Galaxy suggests sticking with the regular door and just opening it up a crack, allowing the cats to view each other in a controlled way.

How long does it take for a new cat to settle in?

Give the new cat a few days to settle in. The move itself created plenty of stress as it is, so there’s no need to add the stress of introduction sessions at this point. That said, be aware that the introduction process has in fact begun. The cats will smell each other off you and possibly through the closed door.

How does distracting a cat help?

Many techniques rely on distracting the cat with positive stimuli while in the presence of the other cat. This creates a positive association with the other cat, reducing aggression levels.

Why do people get second cats?

Cat lovers cherish the thought of having yet another feline in their lives; they may want to provide their resident cat with companionship; sometimes the new cat just adopts them.

Why do cats desensitize to each other?

Desensitizing the cats to each other’s presence so they no longer feel threatened.

Will a female cat accept a male kitten?

A female cat can accept a male kitten, their gender has no impact on whether or not they will get along. The cat’s age and personality are the biggest factors. For both males and females, an adult house cat is generally more accepting of a kitten being brought into the home than another adult cat.

Why are female cats less likely to accept another adult cat?

Female cats are less likely to accept a mother cat because cats are very territorial animals. Another adult cat will immediately be viewed as a threat, so it will likely take longer for them to be accepted. A kitten on the other hand is less of a threat to their territory.

Do female and male cats typically get along in a house?

Female and male cats do typically get along. In fact, gender has nothing to do with it. If a female and a male cat have personalities that get along together then they could become best friends.

How can you avoid your female cat getting jealous of the male kitten?

To avoid your female cat getting jealous you should provide separate toys and feeding utensils for them. This is because it is very likely that your female cat has already claimed everything and everyone in your house as hers.

Could my male kitten start humping my female cat?

Some male kittens may reach sexual maturity earlier than others. When this happens they may likely try to hump your female cat. This is why many cat owners neuter them before they reach puberty.

Will I have to eventually neuter my male kitten to protect my female cat?

Many cat owners have to neuter their male cats because they will inevitably, in time, have the urge to mate with the female cat. Some say it is also easier to introduce a female adult cat to a male kitten who has been neutered.

How to introduce a kitten to a female cat?

Try your best to introduce a new kitten slowly to your female cat and let her get used to it at her own pace. There is a good chance that with time they could become friends, but until then try not to force anything.

How to introduce a new cat to a new cat?

Cats are territorial by nature, so make sure to give your new cat his own space before introducing him to your current cat, and give both cats lots of special care and affection. Set aside a special, isolated room for your new cat if possible, complete with a litter box, food, water, toys, a scratching post and some cozy hiding places. This will give her a safe place to get used to her new surroundings before introducing another cat into the mix. Later on, make sure each cat still has their own bowls and litter boxes.

How to get cats to smell each other?

After a few days have passed, consider switching the cats’ locations so they can get used to each others’ smells before meeting in person. You can also rub the cats with the same towel or clean sock to capture their unique pheromones and mix their scents. Once the item has been rubbed on the cheek of one cat, leave it with the other to let them investigate it.

How to get two cats to see each other?

Your two cats should be able to hear but not see each other, so they start getting used to the idea of another cat. You can do this by feeding or giving treats to both cats near their respective doors, so they begin to associate the smell and sound of each other with a positive experience. Playing with the cats by the door will also help them associate positive experiences with each other.

How to get a senior cat to come out?

When first bringing your senior cat home, don’t rush her to hang out with you, either. Keep her in a carrier and leave the door open. She will come out when she’s ready. If she does come out, gently pet her and sit on the floor near her until she comes closer. Reassure her that you’re happy she’s there, and show her around the room. Some experts also recommend initially feeding a new cat by hand as a bonding experience.

How to start things slowly with cats?

Once things seem to be going well for the cats on their own, it’s time for a real-life meeting! You can start things slowly by putting up a gate between the cats, and continuing to feed and play with them within view of each other, but still separated .

What to expect when adopting a senior cat?

One of many great things about adopting a senior cat is that their personalities are already set, so you have a good idea of what to expect. If possible, try to pick a cat that comes from a history of multi-cat households and is on the friendly side. The new cat’s disposition should also match that of your existing cat for a better chance ...

Can two cats live in the same house?

Remember that all cats are individuals and while two cats living in the same home may very well continue to ignore each other, they might also become best of friends. Don’t overlook a senior cat just because you already have a kitten. You might be pleasantly surprised!

How Do You Introduce Cats?

"Tabatha, meet Tony, the resident cat. Tony, meet Tabatha, your new feline housemate. I'll leave you two alone so you can get to know one another."

How to match a kitten to a cat?

Whenever possible, a high-energy kitten or young cat should be paired up with another high-energy kitten or young cat, so each has a compatible feline playmate. In general, try to match the characteristics of your new cat to those of your resident cat. For example, if the resident cat is older and calmer, he may not appreciate the addition of a rambunctious kitten to his home. Granted, sometimes your new cat will be a stray that finds you rather than the other way around, so you just have to do the best you can. Learn more here: " Best Breeds for Multi-Cat Households ."

How to get cats to stop fighting?

There are several well-tested variations on how you can set up and direct this series of meet-ups. But first, here are the basic guidelines that apply to all the techniques: 1 Keep the cats safe, confident, and in as good a mood as possible. 2 Expect and accept growling, hissing, and some hostility, but do not let the cats engage in an actual fight. 3 Spray Feliway around the room, at cat-nose level, before bringing in the cats. 4 Use treats and other positive rewards and incentives, including ample praise. 5 Gradually increase the cats' exposure to one another, but don't rush things. Your patience will pay off. 6 Chaperone the initial meetings. Keep this up until you're reasonably sure that neither cat will hurt or torment the other. As the two cats become more comfortable with one another, give them increasing freedom to interact with each other. 7 At the end of each meeting, return the new cat to her temporary private quarters. 8 Exude an upbeat calmness, which hopefully will be picked up by the cats. 9 If you need to break up a fight, say "no" very loudly, clap your hands, stomp your feet, throw a towel between the two cats, or squirt them with water. If, as a last resort, you have to position yourself between the cats to end a fight, wear shoes, socks, and long pants, and have a pair of thick oven mitts nearby, to protect your hands from bites and claws.

What to do if my cat is positive for a contagious disease?

If your new cat tests positive for a contagious disease, discuss various options and their associated health and psychological implications for both cats with your veterinarian.

How to keep cats separate from each other?

If you know that the new kitty is used to a specific litter box setup or has favorite toys, scratching posts, or sleeping surfaces, try to include those in the room; the continuity will be comforting to her. Another reason it's important to keep your cats separate at first is because new cats and kittens coming from shelters, breeders, or outside may be carrying upper respiratory infections that aren't apparent right away. Keeping the cats separated will help protect your resident cat from catching anything infectious that the new cat may be carrying.

What is a feiway spray?

Feliway is an artificial pheromone product that often has a calming effect on cats and may ease territory-related anxiety.

What is territory in cats?

Territory, from a feline perspective, is space (horizontal and vertical) and access to prime resources. Prime resources are objects or aspects of life that cats desire strongly on a day-to-day basis. They include: If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Start By Keeping Them Apart

When you bring your new cat home, place them in a room thats not your resident cats primary space. Keep both animals isolated so that they cant see one another, preferably with a solid door between them. Make sure each cat has their own food, water, litter box, and scratching post.

Later That Day Swap Cats Scent

Cats communicate visually but also by scent. So you must start by introducing the cats to each other by swapping scent.

How To Introduce Cats: Successful Methods & What Not To Do

Hissing. Sniffing. Swatting. Hiding. This is all just part of introducing cats. Its a stressful process for everyone involved, but with the right preparedness and procedure, your cats will be hanging out on the couch together in no time. Who knows? They may even like each other!

Keep Them Separated At First

Cats are territorial by nature, so make sure to give your new cat his own space before introducing him to your current cat, and give both cats lots of special care and affection. Set aside a special, isolated room for your new cat if possible, complete with a litter box, food, water, toys, a scratching post and some cozy hiding places.

I Know Youre In There

Even though your resident cat wont be able to see the newcomer, hes going to be aware of the fact that shes on the other side of the door. This is normal but by having the newcomer in the sanctuary, youre letting your resident cat know that only a portion of his territory has been invaded and not the entire home.

Reducing The Likelihood Of Problems

Even if the cat you are adopting is good with other cats, there is always the possibility of problems when introducing strangers to each other. There are several steps that you can take to reduce the likelihood of problems. Before bringing your new cat home, create a separate territory for her.

Cat Personality Is A Huge Factor

My simple system worked perfectly for every cat with the exception of one Spot, a feisty calico with a hard core attitude. She hated everything and everyone, and spent her entire thirteen years living with me attacking my legs, the other cats, and especially the poor dog. She was an asshole, but damn, I loved her for it.

What should each cat use?

Each cat should use the other cat’s (scooped!) litter box, food and water dishes, beds and toys, so the only thing being exchanged is the cats themselves. Continue to feed both cats close to their respective sides of the door.

What to do if your cat is growling and hissing?

If either cat is growling or hissing at the other through the door, donot put them together anytime soon; take things very slowly and continue feeding this way. If the problems continue for several days, it is likely the match is not going to work out.

Why are cats euthanized?

Millions of wonderful cats enter animal shelters each year, but tragically, 71 percent are euthanized because there are simply not enough homes for them. 2 A wide variety of cat breeds, sizes, colors and personalities can be found at any animal shelter, which gives you a lot of options to choose from. Most shelters also have information about each cat’s personality and background, which increases your chances of success.

What happens if both cats are eating well?

If both cats are eating well, and appear calm and relaxed on their respective sides of the door, then it’s time for the big scent exchange:

What to do if one of my cats refuses to eat?

If one of the cats refuses to eat, you can feed her elsewhere , but still place dishes of tuna or some other tasty snack on either side of the door. By having both cats experience something positive (a meal or yummy snack) while they are nearby, they can learn to form positive associations with each other.

What is the most important thing to consider when adding a new cat to your home?

Perhaps the most important step in adding another cat to your home is careful consideration of the resident cat’s personality. Features such as looks, size, breed, gender or any quality other than personality are not factors that should weigh heavily in the decision. Instead, focus primarily on personality matching:

How much space do you need for a feline introduction?

Choose a room that has an inch or two of space under the door for feline introductions.

how to introduce a female cat to a male cat
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