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how to reduce areola size male

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The most effective option for areola reduction issurgery,which can be expensive. During the reduction procedure,the surgeon will make an incision and remove a circular piece of the outer areolar tissue. They will then stitch the skin surrounding the areola to the new areolar border.

How can I reduce the size of my areola?

The procedure reduces the size of the areola by removing excess pigmented skin from the circumference of the areolae. For men the goal an oval shape oriented horizontally.

What is an areola reduction?

The procedure reduces the size of the areola by removing excess pigmented skin from the circumference of the areolae. For men the goal an oval shape oriented horizontally. For women a circular shape is more attractive. Areola reduction leaves a scar around the periphery of the new, smaller areola, which tends to bend into the normal pigmentation.

Are there any areola enlargement products for men?

We have been manufacturing areola enlargement products since 1996, for men just like you. That’s right, men have been secretly enlarging their areola and breasts long before it was publicly known. You are not alone, many men secretly feel feminine and want to be feminized to varying degrees.

Can I use regular suction to get rid of my areolas?

You can use regular suctioning. Preferably to enlarge the nipples as well. But if just the areola, then you need to get (a glass blower to make you) 2 special suction cones that excludes the nipples. Have the inside edge of the cone the diameter you want to becum enlarged and engorged with blood that will darken them.

How does microneedling work?

Medical Microneedling works at a much deeper level in the skin, breaking down old scar tissue and stimulating fresh collagen and elastic. This treatment also stimulates your melanin production, helping your skin to return to your natural skin tone (not your natural areola colour, but your natural overall skin tone).

What is microneedling for tattoos?

Microneedling prepares your scar tissue for tattooing, improving the quality and feel of the skin and improving your chance of better retention and eveness of colour. In many cases, microneedling can be engough, negating the need for medical tattooing. Everyone’s skin is different, so its impossible to be exact about your results, ...

Why is microneedling important for tattoos?

The reason that microneedling first is so important, is because it helps to improve the quality of the scar tissue, prior to tattooing.

Can you reduce the size of your areola?

The honest answer is no, there aren’t. The only way to reduce the size of your areola is with surgery. BUT, there are treatments that can help you once you have had surgery. As we all know, surgery leaves scars behind, it’s an inevitable part of the healing process.

Why do herbal products cause gynecomastia?

This could be due to the weak estrogenic activity in herbal products. In other words, these plants contain substances that act like estrogen, one of the main female sex hormones.

What is the best exercise for chest muscles?

Do bench presses. Bench presses are a more advanced exercise you can do at the gym or at home using a bench press bar. This exercise is great for strengthen your chest muscles and building your arm strength.

How long should you hold a syringe?

Hold the position for two seconds and then inhale as you return to the starting position, with your upper arms parallel to your chest.

How to get rid of enlarged breasts?

1. Use exercise to reduce your male breasts. If you are experiencing enlarged breasts due to weight gain and/or puberty rather than a hormonal imbalance, you can do exercises to strengthen and tighten this area. The issue can also be helped by maintaining a healthy diet.

What is the best medication for prostate cancer?

Medications to treat prostate issues, such as anti-androgens (flutamide, finasteride, and spironolactone).

How to do push ups?

To do normal push ups, place your hands a little wider than your shoulders on an exercise mat. Then, stretch your legs behind you so they are hip width apart. Make sure you are on the balls of your toes, with your legs straight and strong. Flatten your lower back so your hips are in line with your shoulders.

What to do if you have gynecomastia?

Talk to your doctor about your surgical options. If you have tried exercise and dietary changes to no avail, or if you have a medical issue that is causing your gynecomastia, you may consider breast reduction surgery. [13]

How to correct a breast swollen gland?

The most effective way to address this is to have a small surgical procedure which involves liposuction together with surgical excision of the breast gland. This will give you the best result and can be done as a daycase procedure. You need to see someone who specialises in breast surgery to get the best results.

What is the term for the overgrowth of male breast tissue in addition to excess fat?

October 18, 2019. Answer: Low Self Esteem in Men with Gynecomastia. Hello and thank you for your question. Gynecomastia is the overgrowth of male breast tissue in addition to excess fat, and puffy or protrusive nipples are often result of enlarged or excess breast tissue.

How long does it take to get gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery, which is performed in my licensed and inspected operatory, takes about 1-2 hours. Rather than putting an incision on the nipple/areolar complex (as is often done), in my practice I prefer to place the incision, which is actually more akin to a tiny dot, near the underarm.

Can a reduction of areolar diameter be performed?

For patients with an enlarged areolar diameter, an areolar reduction can be performed in addition to direct excision of breast tissue and liposuction.


A circular flap with a diameter of 0.4-0.5 cm is designed on the upper portion of the hypertrophic nipple. The flap pedicle is located at the 12 o'clock position of the nipple base. The pedicle width is not less than one-third of the flap width to ensure a flap blood supply.


From April 2008 to April 2012, 42 male patients ranging in age from 17 to 29 years (mean, 22.5 years) were treated for nipple hypertrophy in the Breast Surgery Center of the Plastic Surgery Hospital at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. In total, 36 patients had bilateral nipple hypertrophy and 6 had unilateral nipple hypertrophy.


The circular-flap nipple reduction technique has a simple surgical design, a shorter operative time (mean, 16.5 minutes), and allows for a hidden scar; therefore, it is an ideal technique for treating male nipple hypertrophy.

Can a Male Breast Feed?

While both males and females have breasts which are similar, the internal structure of the male breast anatomy is not identical to the female. The male breast lacks the specialized lobules needed for milk production, so while it is possible for us to grow male breasts and areola, it is impossible for a man to ever lacttate.

What are the parts of the areola?

The parts of the Areola anatomy in both males and females are the nipple and areola which are connected to mammary ducts and mammary glands. The male and female areola has tiny, modified sweat glands called Montgomery’s tubercules and these glands secrete a lubricating fluid.

Does Transfemme enlarge areola?

Transfemme® causes your breasts to enlarge and feminizes your areola. We have helped thousands of men enlarge their areola since 1996. Many of our customers have tried prescription hormones but for some reason had minimal results and little to no areola enlargement.

Can you use Transfemme estrogen cream on breasts?

Transfemme estrogen cream, we have a specially formulated estrogen cream you can apply directly to you breasts. This is hormonal cream that is similar to that which is used in female hormone replacement therapy creams; we are using pregnant bovine instead of equine.

What is areola reduction?

Nipple and areola reduction are surgeries that can be safely performed to decrease the size of your nipples. It is considered a relatively safe operation with little side effects and hardly any risk of complications.

Who needs nipple reduction surgery?

Usually, people ask plastic surgeons to perform a breast reduction if they feel that their nipples and breasts are disproportionate or oversized. Sometimes, due to weight gain or even weight loss, the nipples become stretched and look disfigured.

How does areola reduction surgery work?

If you are just undergoing nipple reduction, they will either remove excess breast tissue or perform a technique which involves telescoping the excess nipple back into the breast to reduce its size.

Are there any areola reduction scars?

These may fade with time, but there is no guarantee that they will eventually be completely invisible.

how to reduce areola size male
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