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how to tell male cannabis from female

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Other signs to correctly identify the male sex of a cannabis plant include:Straighter plant structureFewer flowers found at the top of the cannabis plantTighter clusters

What is the difference between male and female marijuana?

There’s only one foolproof method to properly determine the sex of your cannabis plant: examine the nodes. At these junctures between the main stem and branches, you should see early signs of a male or female plant. Male plants will grow ball-shaped pollen sacs, but females will have wispy white hairs.

How to tell male and female cannabis seeds apart?

How to tell if a marijuana plant is male or female. There’s only one foolproof method to properly determine the sex of your cannabis plant: examine the nodes. At these junctures between the main stem and branches, you should see early signs of a male or female plant.

When to separate male and female cannabis plants?

Usually, when starting from seed, you will need to wait about four to six weeks before the male and female parts will be formed well enough for you to see the difference. When it comes to male cannabis plants, they form what we like to call “pollen testicles.”

How can marijuana affect male or female infertility?

Scientists say tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the ingredient that triggers marijuana’s psychological effects, may also lead to infertility in women. According to a study on embryos at the University of Guelph in Canada, exposure to THC leads to a drastic drop in the chances of a successful pregnancy.

What is autoflowering cannabis?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are appropriately named, as it’s basically a cannabis plant on auto-pilot. The modified genetics skip a plants’ typical ‘vegetation’ stage and have a faster-growing cycle.

How long does it take to clone a cannabis plant?

If the mother cannabis plant produces high levels of THC, so will the clone. Growers typically clone plants about 2 months into their veg state. Cutting clones from plants that are healthy and sturdy is ideal. To do so, you’ll need a rooting medium and a rooting hormone.

Why do growers choose autoflower?

Which is why many growers choose the autoflower route for cultivating cannabis plants. It’s less work or worries, with a quicker turnaround to the harvesting of the flower. Above all, feminized seeds, autoflowering or not, are most ideal. Feminized seeds or clones are genders guaranteed to save your garden from male induced issues.

Why are clones important?

Since quality genetics and guaranteed gender are key in growing , clones are a sure-fire way to guarantee not only sex, but cannabinoid content, and cleanliness of the plant. Meaning, if the plant is free of molds, disease, or pests so will the clone be.

How to clone a plant?

Since you’re cutting off a stem of the mother plant, and essentially ‘cloning’ a new root system, here are the steps to follow: 1 Using a razor, take cuttings from hardy, low branches, close to the main stem. 2 Trim the end of the leaves from the clone to support proper photosynthesis (this improves nutrient and water uptake). 3 Place the cuttings in water immediately. 4 Apply a rooting hormone to the tip of the clone. 5 Insert your clone into the rooting medium of your choice.

Why are there no boys allowed in cannabis?

Preventing this pollination is obviously key when growing high-quality buds. It’s also the #1 reason why ‘no boys allowed’ should be a sign on EVERY grow operation or room. Unless of course, you’re into cannabis genetics breeding. Cannabis genetic breeders often sacrifice quality bud, for creating fresh genetics or a cross of two favs. Then, they use the seeds produced in the crop to craft new strain crops with this process.

What is the best medium for cutting clones?

The best medium options for cutting clones are auto-cloners, Rockwool (or non-soil) cube, soil, or even just water.

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Why do people prefer female marijuana plants?

If you are growing marijuana for medicinal purposes, you need to know how to identify female and male marijuana plants. Almost all growers prefer female marijuana plants because only females produce the coveted buds needed for medicinal purposes.

How long does it take for a marijuana plant to grow before sex?

1. Let the plants grow for roughly six weeks before sexing them. Marijuana plants, male and female, will be identical in the first 6 weeks of life.

What does it mean when your pistils are orange?

If your pistils are an orange-brown color, that means they’ve been pollinated and won’t produce as high-quality of buds.

What is a plant that has both pollen sacs and pistils?

A plant that has both pollen sacs (small buds on the joints of the stalks) and pistils (small translucent hairs) is hermaphroditic.

How to get rid of male potted plants?

Do not try and remove the buds by hand, as missing even a few will significantly decrease your crop. While most growers simply throw the plants out, a few keep them around for breeding purposes. If you do, put them in a separate room from the females, and make sure you don't track pollen in from the male room to the female room on your clothes or hands.

How to tell if a plant is male?

Check the joints on the stalk for male flowers. The little balls that grow on the joints of the stalk (where the other branches meet the main stalk) are the main indicators of male plants. These flowers release pollen and need to be removed for a better crop.

How will I know if my plant has “hermied”?

Earlier we mentioned that cannabis plants can, in fact, become hermaphrodites. As mentioned, this can be caused by plant stress . However, there is a little more to it than that and we want to be sure you know what to look for!

What happens when a plant is taken to full maturity?

If taken to full maturity, these sacs will then form green and white flowers, which will disperse pollen in an effort to fertilize any female plants nearby. Therefore, allowing their genes to carry on to the next generation of plants.

What do male cannabis plants look like?

When it comes to male cannabis plants, they form what we like to call “pollen testicles.” These will form in between the nodes on the plant and look like little bell-like sacs hanging down. Take a look at this image of the male pollen sacs forming on this plant:

How to tell if a female cannabis plant has a pistil?

For female cannabis plants, you will find pistils forming between their nodes. These will be easily identifiable by their white or orange hairs. As their growth continues into flowering, these parts will begin to form a protective layer, referred to as calyxes, with two of the pistils.

Why do cannabis plants get hermied?

However, in cannabis plants, you can discover a “hermied” plant by banana looking shoots, which form on the flowers. While this can be the genetics of the cannabis strain, it may also be an indication of the plant getting too stressed out. When a plant gets too stressed and fears it will die, it may begin to form male reproductive parts.

What happens when a plant herms out?

Plant genetics. Additionally, when a plant “herms out,” there are two distinct ways that this may present itself. The plant will develop the “bananas” mentioned earlier on the buds. These are actually the male organs (stamens) forming on the flower. These stamen produce pollen and can possibly cause seed production.

Is cannabis a hermaphrodite?

The other type of hermaphrodite cannabis plant will form both the buds and pollen sacs. These sacs will need to release their pollen at some point and can be considered true hermaphrodite plants.

Why do female cannabis plants have sex organs?

Sometimes, due to either stress or genetics , female cannabis plants can develop both male and female sex organs, meaning the bush grows buds as well as pollen sacs and turns into a hermaphrodite cannabis plants. These plants produce pollen and can pollinate both themselves and the other cannabis plants around them.

How to tell if a female cannabis plant is pollinated?

Now that you know the main parts of a female cannabis plant, how can you tell whether a female plant has been pollinated? In this case, the bracts will be larger. The white stigmas will turn red or brown after the plant is pollinated, so their color is also an indicator. If you peel back a bract with a pair of tweezers, you can look inside. If it has a seed, the plant has been pollinated.

What makes female weed so much more preferred than male weed?

These females produce the large, unpollinated flowers that secrete resin, which are trimmed down to rounded buds, ready to be smoked.

How many leaves does a female cannabis plant have?

How many leaves does a female pot plant have? Generally, female plants have many more leaves than do males. They also can have as many as 13 leaflets per leaf when fully mature, depending on the growing conditions and specific cannabis strain. At the top of the female plant, leaves are fewer as the buds and flowers develop. Aside from this, what makes the most difference is female cannabis plants’ reproductive organs.

What are the reproductive parts of cannabis?

The pistil houses the flower’s reproductive parts, including the female plant’s characteristic hair-like strands called stigmas, which collect pollen from male plants. Stigmas begin forming as white, wispy structures, then turn red or brown as the plant matures. While the stigmas are important to reproduction, they don’t add any value to the cannabis flower’s taste or potency.

What is the bract of a plant?

The bract is the part of the female plant that houses the female plant’s reproductive parts. One of the first signs of a bract is the tiny leaves that appear. Bracts are shaped like teardrops and contain numerous resin glands.

Why do cannabis plants get stressed?

For indoor growing, stress may occur when temperatures get too high or when light leaks in at the wrong time, messing up with the light schedule. In case you’re aware of a reason for your cannabis plants to experience stress, start watching the nodes carefully.

Can you smoke them?

Technically yes, but in the immortal words of Obi-Wan: these are not the cannabinoids you’re looking for. The quality THC we get from cannabis is from seedless females. Males just don’t contain the same quantity of things that we look for in cannabis to consume. Sure, males do produce some trichomes, but the amount and quality pale in comparison to females. Besides, allowing a male to reach the point of maturity where it produces cannabinoids and terpenes at all will have already pollinated the females and ruined your harvest.

What is the difference between male and female pre-flowers?

Male pre-flower are staminates, and the female pre-flowers are pistils. Staminate will be more rounded than pistils and take on a spade-like shape. Look for them at the joints on the stalks of the flower. As it matures, the staminate takes on a curved blade shape and a round spade or ball.

When do preflowers appear on a plant?

Pre-flowers will appear at the base of the leaves when male plants are about three to four weeks old. In females, they appear between four to six weeks old. Males can be sexed as early as one to three weeks before germination. However, it’s best to identify and cull males before they begin developing pollen sacs.

Do male cannabis plants need pollination?

Male plants are still necessary for cannabis production when it comes to propagation and breeding, however. For a female plant to produce seeds, it requires pollination from a male plant. Without further adieu, let’s dive into how to tell male from female cannabis plants.

Is cannabis a male or female?

While cannabis is dioecious, meaning it can be male or female, the plants we smoke are exclusively female. Female plants are responsible for the resin-secreting flowers we all know and love, and to do so must be kept from pollinating males. That’s because female plants, once fertilized, convert energy from THC production to seeding. Hence, the females we consume are “sinsemilla” or seedless.

Do all female plants have pistils?

The stigma is part of the pistil and will definitively identify the plant as female. Female plants all produce pistils; the problem with sexing female plants is not every female plant in the pre-flower phase has pistils.

What are the characteristics of a male versus female cannabis plant?

While many growers work to identify and remove males as early as possible in the growing cycle, others keep a few around to experiment with different genetics. Male cannabis plants are taller and grow quicker than female cannabis ...

When does a cannabis plant determine its sex?

Any information to the contrary is simply false. In fact, the sex of the cannabis plant isn’t even determined until shortly before the flowering cycle. This is when the male plants will start to show their pollen sacs and female cannabis seeds will develop pistils.

How many females do feminized marijuana seeds have?

A male marijuana plant will fertilize the female plant, and seeds will grow that are 50% male and 50% female. With feminized cannabis seeds you start off with up to 99% female plants, which means it’s easier to produce buds because you don’t have any males pollinating your flowers. However, in highly stressful conditions even feminized seeds may ...

What is the structure of a female marijuana plant?

Female marijuana plant structure has many deep finger-like projections called pistils which show up around the node whereas male sex glands appear in the same area as small sacs filled with pollen. Image courtesy of Amy Phung / Leafly. Note: The ‘node’ is the place where the main stem meets a branch.

Why do autoflowering cannabis plants have pollen sacs?

For beginner growers, this can help prevent ‘lighting accidents’, which may cause female plants to bloom early and produce male pollen sacs.

Why do female marijuana plants produce male and female flowers?

If the plant is unable to bloom on schedule it may produce some male pollen sacks in an effort to ensure fertility. This is why everything from lighting and humidity to choosing the right plant nutrient must be exactly right to ensure a high rate of success growing female marijuana plants. Cannabis plants need the common nutrients like nitrogen and potassium, but they also require many trace minerals like silicone and an ample supply of water.

What are the chemical markers used to determine gender in cannabis?

The most common chemical tests for determining gender in cannabis plants are called “ Molecular Sexing Markers “. These markers measure terpenes, a class of chemicals that produce flavor and fragrance molecules found naturally in many different types of food, spices, herbs, and flowers – including cannabis.

When can you tell the sex of a marijuana plant?

However, you’ll probably notice the first signs of your plant’s sex just before flowering (about six weeks).

Are there other ways to distinguish male vs. female marijuana?

The only sure-fire way to differentiate male vs. female marijuana is to look at the nodes. However, there are a few secondary gender indicators to be aware of.

Can you tell a plant’s gender from cannabis seeds?

Always avoid seeds that look green, feel squishy, or crack under gentle pressure. (Algirdas Gelazius/123rf)

Can growers influence regular seeds to become female plants?

There’s no way to guarantee the gender of a regular seed, but some cultivators say the environment could influence a plant’s sex. Most significantly, cultivators believe unnecessary environmental stress will decrease the odds of females.

Are there any uses for male marijuana plants?

While male plants produce a few cannabinoids, they can’t compare with trichome-rich feminized buds. However, that doesn’t mean male plants are entirely useless.

Why is my cannabis plant a hermaphrodite?

So, why would a cannabis plant turn into a hermaphrodite? The leading theory is that hermaphroditism is a response to environmental stressors. If your plant feels it doesn’t have enough energy to receive pollen from males, it will create pollen sacs of its own. Therefore, the best way to avoid hermaphroditism is to maintain a stable, stress-free environment in your grow tent.

Why don't cannabis plants pollinate?

The reasons mainstream cultivators don’t pollinate cannabis are simple: males don’t produce big buds, and pollinated female plants focus their energy on producing seeds instead of quality buds. Only unpollinated female plants will reward growers with the resinous buds tokers enjoy. Thankfully, there are many simple techniques growers could use to spot pesky males before their pollen sacs burst.

How Important is Your Plant’s sex?

How much time you want to spend figuring out the sex of your cannabis plants really depends on how much time and energy you’d like to devote to growing your own marijuana. If you are a medical cannabis patient or caregiver, for example, and need to know what kind of cannabis you are getting every time to keep a reliable supply, buying feminized seeds from a trusted seller is the way to go. It may even be worth it to have your plants tested for sex before they mature. However, if you have some time, consider yourself a green thumb, and want to experiment with your grow, you could simply plant your seeds and see what comes up. Happy growing!

Why do growers weed male cannabis plants?

The reason that growers are so intent on weeding out male cannabis plants is that a single pollinator can negate an entire potential harvest.

How to tell if a cannabis plant is female?

One of the first signs your cannabis plant is female is the appearance of pistillates that are wispy and generally white in color. And example of early stage female (left) and male (right) cannabis plants.

How to feminize cannabis seeds?

One such technique is to literally stress out a healthy female plant by interrupting the light cycle during flowering, called Rodelization Feminizing.

How to eliminate male plants?

In the colloidal silver feminizing method, distilled water is mixed with pure silver and sprayed on female plants. This method works best when the plants are flowering.

Why do cannabis plants stop producing resin?

How? The reason is that once pollinated, cannabis plants will cease devoting energy to growing flowers and will tell the existing flowers to stop producing resin, which translates to making less buds and less THC. That energy will be devoted to producing seeds instead. Think of the plant as a battery with a set amount of power. When that supply is spent in one area, it won’t be available for another.

How long does it take to tell a plant's gender?

If you’re looking for more precise, science-based methods to tell your plant’s gender, there are several labs that can sex your plant right after germination – eliminating the lengthy (usually around 6 weeks) wait to learn its gender. Portland, Oregon start-up Phylos Bioscience is in the business of studying cannabis genetics, ...

What can you do to tell male from female cannabis seeds?

The only way to sex your cannabis seeds is to sow, grow and check. Most female strains begin to show characteristics of their sex after 4 weeks or more, just before the first stage of flowering.

How to tell if a female or male cannabis seed is growing?

There is nothing in their appearance or size to indicate what will grow. The only way to tell is to grow it, wait and see.

How long does it take for a male plant to grow?

As soon as you notice these, it’s time to remove them from your crop to prevent pollination. Males typically grow these sacs in as little as 2 weeks, giving you plenty of time to react.

Can you pick up feminized seeds?

You can, however, pick up feminized seeds directly from Weedseedsexpress to guarantee a female plant every time. Feminized seeds are bred exclusively to produce female plants. Knowing your seeds are female from the beginning is the perfect solution for hobbyists and smaller setups that can’t waste resources.

Do male weeds need to be removed?

In a regular growing setup, males have to be removed as soon as they’ve spotted to reduce this risk of pollination. Otherwise, you run the gamble of turning your precious resiny buds into seeds and spoiling the whole crop. But can you tell the difference between weed seeds before they’re cultivated?

Is a seed bigger than a male or female seed?

Other myths include those pertaining to size and shape. Neither male nor female seeds are smaller or bigger than one another.

how to tell male cannabis from female
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