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is male extra safe

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How effective is male extra?

Consistent use is the key to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. It’s not a pharmaceutical product like Viagra, and it’s not magic, but the natural ingredients contained in Male Extra have been shown by thousands of users to safely and effectively improve sexual health.

What is the male extra supplement?

What is Male Extra? Male Extra is a health supplement manufactured by Vobue Limited. Largely by promoting increased blood flow throughout the body, it aims to boost sexual performance and vitality in men who want to do so through safe, natural means that don’t require a prescription.

Are there any studies done on male Extra Pills?

Although there are no clinical studies explicitly done with Male Extra pills, there are plenty of research studies on each of its ingredients. There are many male enhancement pills on the market, but each has a unique ingredients blend with different effects, potencies, and functions.

Is sperm count better than male extra?

Sperm count is better and of good quality. The product’s reputation precedes it, over nine years of existence and there has not been side effects reported by users. Male Extra is FDA approved and as such it is safe for consumption.

What is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a health supplement manufactured by Vobue Limited. Largely by promoting increased blood flow throughout the body, it aims to boost sexual performance and vitality in men who want to do so through safe, natural means that don’t require a prescription.

Does Male Extra work?

The short answer is “yes.” The longer, more meaningful answer is that it works for many men, particularly those with mild-to-moderate cases of ED caused by insufficient nitric oxide or men whose drop in libido is due to common nutritional deficits that prevent them from enjoying healthy levels of testosterone. It won’t work for all men with sexual performance issues because the ingredients of Male Extra address several (but certainly not all) underlying causes of sexual problems.

Is Male Extra safe?

As with any supplement routine, you should always check in with your physician before starting treatment, especially if you have a history of cardiovascular issues. Male Extra uses natural ingredients and is safe for the vast majority of users, although some users have reported seeing side effects such as diarrhea and stomach bloating.

How long does it take for a man to notice a change in his sexual performance?

It isn’t that quick for all users, though – some men require a little more than two months. Others have complained that it took three months before seeing a change. If it takes longer than three months for you to notice any improvement, you’re going to want to check in with your doctor. In those cases, it’s possible that a form of erectile dysfunction is too severe for natural supplements such as this to correct. There are other underlying medical conditions that could be causing your sexual performance issues as well.

How long does it take for male extra to work?

Consistent use over the course of 5-8 weeks seems to be what really drives the satisfaction men find in taking Male Extra. Over that span of time, many men experience greater energy, in general, as well as the expected improvement in erections, libido, and sexual stamina.

How much does Male Extra cost?

The package for a four-month supply costs $197.95, reducing your effective monthly price to about $49. Meanwhile, a six-month supply costs $249.95, which includes two bottles for free.

What is the compound that promotes healthy blood flow and the replacement of dead cells?

Also known as MSM , this compound promotes healthy blood flow and the replacement of dead cells.

What are the characteristics of erectile dysfunction?

The characteristics of an erectile dysfunction are; Men who cannot get erection. Men who do get erection but fail to keep it long enough.

Why is there a male extra?

Luckily for men who are already experiencing erectile dysfunction of some sort, there is Male Extra to boost your self-confidence, reduce your stress and help you build long and lasting relationships.

What is MSM in medicine?

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) promote proper circulation by supporting the health of your artery and veins. Thus, MSM encourages the health of your cells and tissues throughout the entire body.

What makes Male Extra special?

This is the main and special ingredient that makes Male Extra stand out because of the properties combined in this compound. L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid useful for making proteins. When consumed it breaks into nitric oxide (NO) gas in the body.

Is L-arginine HCL good for erectile dysfunction?

Study and study has shown L-arginine as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction among other conditions. L-arginine HCL ingredient is excellent in sexual performance improvements.

What is the best treatment for high blood pressure?

Medications, including antidepressants, antihistamines and medications to treat high blood circulation pressure, pain or prostate conditions. There is lifestyle modification to prevent conditions leading to consumption of these. Prevention is better than cure.

How to improve sexual performance?

Our health and nutrition experts suggest you turn to a healthy diet. Also avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes to increase your sexual performance.

What is the purpose of L-methionine in male extra?

Other ingredients of Male Extra include Zinc and Niacin. 45mg of Zinc present in Male Extra is responsible for enhancing the testosterone health status.

What is the function of MSM?

It is a proteinogenic amino acid that contains sulfur. L-methionine is responsible for the detoxifying process. It also ensures the building of muscle and gives energy.

What is MSM used for?

The abundant quantity of sulfur found in MSM helps synthesize collagen found in the bones and tissues, including the penis; hence MSM is responsible for improving erection and penis enlargement. MSM also aids the circulation of blood.

What is the best supplement for male erections?

L-Arginine HCL: The L-Arginine HCL is another important component of the Male Extra supplement, and it demonstrates strong effectiveness towards male sexual performance and erection quality. It is a naturally produced amino acid in the human body and can be found in protein-rich foods.

What is the best medicine for low libido?

Cordyceps: This ingredient is a remedy for low libido, responsible for poor erections in men. Cordyceps is part of the old Chinese and Tibetan medicine, as it is used as a substitute for caffeine and some other detrimental energy-boosting chemicals. Cordyceps contains zinc that boosts testosterone production in men.

How does Male Extra work?

How Male Extra Works. Male Extra works majorly by enhancing blood flow and contraction of muscle around the penis to ensure healthier erection . The supplement increases the nitric oxide in the blood, allowing widening of the blood vessels for easy passage of blood.

What are male enhancement supplements?

Male enhancement supplements are one of the profound ways of getting rid of this problem. These supplements are designed to increase sex power, stamina, erection size and hardness, and libido. One of the most challenging courses of men’s life is sex, ...

What is Male Extra?

There are several supplements in the market claiming to improve the sexual health of men. Actually not many of them can be trusted and you might also not know the type of negative effects they might bring to your body.

What are the Benefits of Male Extra?

Its ingredients are natural, safe to use, and have been clinically proven .

How To Use Male Extra?

The recommended dosage is 3 pills daily either with breakfast or any other meal.

What is the function of nitric oxide in the penile?

This is an amino acid that can be converted into nitric oxide in your body. It therefore promotes the flow of blood to the penile region thereby improving your sexual performance.

What is the best ellagic acid for erections?

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid (500mg) This is a vital ingredient in this supplement that promotes potency. It increases the flow of blood to the reproductive organ therefore increasing the strength of erections.

Can erectile dysfunction cause embarrassing times?

This is something that many men have always craved for and would want to be associated with. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction issues might go through embarrassing times with their partners in bed .

Does a syringe increase libido?

It aids in the improvement of testosterone hormone production. Your libido and strength of erections will therefore be increased.

How Safe are Male Extra Ingredients?

Everyone’s seen the commercials for erectile dysfunction drugs, and heard the long list of side effects and warning that come with them.

What is male extra?

Male Extra is a unique product, and probably the best in the market that have a 100% natural formula, jam packed with some of the most potent ingredients for maximum impact.

What is a pomegranate?

Delicious, ripe and full of juicy seeds with a slightly gritty flavor in a ripe ovum of a fruit, this is the pomegranate. However, have you ever considered the benefits a pomegranate can do for your sexual health?

What is B3 in blood?

Vitamin B3 optimizes blood circulation by enabling pelvic blood vessels relax, so that they can hold more blood.

Why should men be cautious about zinc?

The USDA has warned men that they should be cautious to get enough zinc because a deficiency could lead to testosterone deficiency and sexual problems 5.

How many capsules are in a bottle of a saline?

One bottle consists of 90 capsules and that is enough for 30 days of typical/recommended use.

Why is zinc important for men?

Zinc is the most important mineral for male sexual health as it increases the production of testosterone, which is a male hormone directly related to sexual desire and drive.

How Does Male Extra Work?

The primary function of this product is to help increase blood circulation. Male Extra may help with oxygen uptake in the blood cells, muscles and enhance erectile function.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Male Extra?

The official website for Male Extra is registered to Sssh Limited. This firm produces a few different types of supplements, and they claim that all of their products are created through research for the possible effects. Sssh Limited is a United Kingdom-based company.

What Are Consumers Saying About Male Extra?

Some users say that Male Extra did nothing for them. But there are positive Male Extra reviews that remarked on how the product provided a quick burst of energy.

What is male extra?

Male Extra is a male enhancement product that may produce some results if you find yourself lacking energy or enthusiasm for sexual intercourse. It may also help with blood flow and testosterone production.

Is this product safe to use?

If consumed in the recommended doses, Male Extra is also extra safe. Wolfson Berg Limited is a trusted name in the world of supplements. All of their products are made in FDA-approved facilities following the required safety measurements with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. They have top-level customer service and work with medical professionals to ensure that you get the best support and care you need when taking their supplements.

Are there any side effects?

There are very few negative reviews on this supplement online. The manufacturer claims that no adverse side effects have been reported. There are more reports on lack of any effect rather than actual side effects, however, these reviews come from people who have taken this supplement for three weeks or less, while the product claims to show first progress signs after three to six weeks of proper usage (three capsules per day). The effects of Male Extra could also gradually decrease over time as you stop taking the supplement.

Who should use and who shouldn’t use this product?

This product is intended for men of all legal ages who experience problems with their erection and stamina. It is not recommended for sexually healthy men because over-supplementation can produce the same effects as a deficiency.

Should you buy Male Extra?

If you ask us if we recommend Male Extra – the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!

What are the ingredients in Male Extra?

Two of Male Extra’s unique ingredients — pomegranate and L-arginine — encourage the body to produce more nitric oxide. Pomegranate has recently been proven to be an excellent ingredient to combine with penis and libido enhancers. [2] Very few other sexual enhancers use pomegranate.

What is the hormone that causes balding?

DHT is a hormone that is responsible for the male balding pattern by killing hair follicles. A fraction of a man’s testosterone is naturally converted into DHT using the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Under Male Extra’s formula, a significantly smaller fraction of testosterone is converted into DHT.

What is the purpose of pomegranate?

Pomegranate: a fruit with many bright red juicy seeds inside. It contains ellagic acid. Ellagic acid improves blood circulation. A study showed that people who consumed pomegranate every day for three months experienced blood flow increase by 17%. [3]

What is the role of arginine in erection?

Nitric oxide is crucial in regulating your body’s blood flow by opening the blood vessels wider. More nitric oxide in the body improves erection firmness and size. [5]

What is MSM in male enhancement?

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM): It is a mineral that helps the body grow new tissues and cells. It also reduces muscle damage and aids blood flow and circulation. [7] . MSM is not common in male enhancement pills. Niacin (B3): provides extra energy, reduces fatigue, and improves blood flow by relaxing the vessels.

How many capsules of Male Extra are there?

It is recommended to take three capsules every day. A bottle of Male Extra contains 90 capsules, which makes a bottle last for 30 days.

Is pomegranate good for you?

Pomegranate is a natural antioxidant. Not only will it protect your skin and body against free radicals, but it will also prevent the breakdown of nitric oxide caused by them. It also reduces fatigue and increases stamina. [4]

What exactly is Male Extra?

Simply Male Extra is an organic supplementation that helps males to boost their sexual libido.

How does Male Extra supplement work?

For a satisfying experience with your partner, a chain of events has to happen in perfect harmony with the utmost energy and physiological input.

Is this product scientifically proven?

Yes, Male Extra is backed by many scientific studies regarding the ingredients they have used in the product.

is male extra safe
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