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what are the male secondary sex characteristics

what are the male secondary sex characteristics插图

How does testosterone influence male secondary characteristics?

These secondary sex characteristics include male hair patterns, vocal changes, and voice deepening, anabolic effects, which include growth spurts in puberty (testosterone increases tissue growth at the epiphyseal plate early on and eventual closure of plate later in puberty) and skeletal muscle growth (testosterone stimulates protein synthesis).

Which is a secondary sex characteristic?

The female may also be more colorful, though in the insect world, it can go either way. Secondary sex characteristics are those physical features that allow us to tell males from females, such as breasts on women and beards on men. This differs from primary sex characteristics, or body structures directly concerned with reproduction.

What are secondary sexual characters?

secondary sexual character A characteristic of animals that differs between the two sexes, but excluding the gonads and the ducts and associated glands that convey the gametes. Examples are mammary glands, external genitalia, antlers in ungulates, and certain plumage patterns (e.g. peacock's tail) in birds.

Is sexual abstinence physically unhealthy for males?

You may feel content on your own without a sexual partner, yet the lack of sexual activity takes its health toll. Men and women who abstain from sex for long periods can develop problems with sexual function. Men may experience issues concerning erection and ejaculation. Testosterone levels may fall and reduce desire.

what are the male secondary sex characteristics
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