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what does it mean when a male cat sprays

what does it mean when a male cat sprays插图

A male cat often uses spraying to mark histerritoryand let other cats know he has been in a particular area. Cat urine contains a lot of pheromones that are a signal to other cats. This behavior may become a problem if the cat is spraying in your house,due to the urine smell and the fact that you need to clean up after your cat.

Why is my male cat spraying all of a sudden?

Spraying is a natural behavior and may be stopped by neutering the cat. 2. Urinary Tract Disease. Male cat spraying may have medical causes. Urinary tract disease (UTI) can cause feline spraying. UTI causes a lot of pain at urination. The cat will urinate in more episodes, and with lesser amounts of urine, in different spots in the house to ...

How to get rid of male cat spray?

Part 1 Part 1 of 3: Cleaning the Sprayed Area Download ArticleWipe down the area. If you know where your cat sprayed,you can begin removing the odor by thoroughly cleaning the area.Apply cleaning products. There are many products you can purchase that will help you get rid of cat spray odor.Use a natural remedy. ...Repeat as necessary. ...Hire a professional. ...

Why do cats spray and how to stop it?

Why Do Cats Spray How to Stop itWhen cats do not have enough room in the house,they become territorial. ...If cats sense a foreign scent from another cat,they will become territorial. ...Cat owners can also consider using a cat gate to separate the cats at the beginning. ...More items...

How to stop Cat from spraying indoors?

Part 2 Part 2 of 3: Fixing Stress Related IssuesKeep things routine. Changes in a household can cause stress that triggers a cat's insecurity,leading him to spray to claim his space.Make sure your cats are getting enough space. If you live in a multiple cat household,spraying is often a result of a cat's territorial nature.Clean the urine thoroughly. ...Limit contact with the outdoors. ...More items...

What Is Urine Spraying?

Male cats may urinate outside their box and practice inappropriate elimination but when they pee vertically and not on the floor or other horizontal surfaces it is referred to as spraying or marking. When a cat marks, urine is sprayed against a wall, table leg, couch, or other surface as a male cat stands, raises its tail, shakes, and backs up to the item. It is typically a small amount of urine that sprays out instead of a steady stream that is produced during a normal, squatting, urination. But while the amount may be small, the smell is often not.

Can Male Cats Still Spray After Being Neutered?

According to the Cornell Feline Health Center, 10% of cats will continue to spray even after they have been neutered. Neutering a cat especially helps to decrease territorial spraying since less hormones are affecting it but if your cat is stressed or uspet about something in its environment, it is still physically capable of spraying.

How to get rid of urine smell in male cat?

Neutering - The best way to decrease urine sprayin gin a male cat is to have it neutered. This is typically done at a young age but can be performed in older cats as well. Neutralize the odor - If your cat has sprayed urine in the house, the first thing you'll want to do is eliminate the odor.

Why does my cat spray his urine?

A cat may spray urine for a variety of reasons but these reasons can typically be classified as either a response to an environmental stressor or a territorial behavior. Environmental stressors may include new people, such as a baby, in the home, new animals, such as a puppy, construction or remodeling in your home, boredom with its feeding regimen or playtime, litter concerns such as scented or dirty litter, a litter box that it doesn't like, such as a covered or automatic cleaning box, and more. Basically, if a cat is upset or stressed about something it may spray but it may also be hard for a cat owner to know what their cat isn't happy about.

How to reduce urine spraying gin in male cats?

Neutering - The best way to decrease urine sprayin gin a male cat is to have it neutered. This is typically done at a young age but can be performed in older cats as well.

How to stop cat from spraying?

Change the litter or litter box - If you suspect your cat is spraying because of the litter or litter box, consider switching to an unscented litter in a shallow, uncovered litter box.

What are the best things to give a cat to relax?

Pheromones - Sprays, wipes, and plug-ins are available to provide natural pheromones to your cat. Pheromones are scentless and help to relax stressed cats.

How Can I Stop My Cat From Spraying?

Every cat is unique and will respond differently to different techniques. Some will instantly stop overnight and never do it again. While others will require behavioral training over several days or weeks.

Why does cat litter smell?

Scented cat litter often gives off a smell to cover up your cat’s business. Sometimes this can backfire and actually cause your cat to start spraying in order to cover it up. A good tip is to make sure you buy unscented cat litter from the brand.

Why do cats spray their litter box?

Cats love a routine and a safe environment. If their litter box is constantly moving around the house and having new litter put in every week, they can feel threatened and stressed. Did you know that scented cat litter is a common reason why your cat started spraying in the first place?

Why does my cat smell so strong?

This is because cats release certain chemicals when they are spraying as they’re doing it for a reason and not by accident . If you’ve found small puddles of pee around your house, then the chances are your cat has just had an accident.

Why does my cat spray on my walls?

In addition to the lack of volume, the smell will also be much stronger. This is because cats release certain chemicals when they are spraying as they’re doing it for a reason and not by accident.

What is neutering a cat?

Neutering is a surgical procedure where the testicals are removed from a male cat. Similar to spaying for female cats were the ovaries and uterus are removed, this expensive (and painful) procedure can sometimes stop spraying. Many male cats often start spraying to advertise their sexual health to females.

How long does it take for a cat to stop spraying after neutering?

With patience and practice, you can stop your cat from spraying in as little as 7 days.


Unneutered male cats instinctively spray to mark their territory. It is a form of communication with other cats to let them know what he claims is his. Cats developed this instinctive behavior in order to communicate with each other without having to encounter each other.


Changes to your cat's environment or routine, or even in his relationship with you, can upset him, causing him to spray, whether he's neutered or not. Cats are creatures of habit, and changes that we humans might consider minor can be major to them. Some male cats respond to this by spraying.

New Cats

The addition of a new cat to the home can prompt a male cat to spray even if he's neutered. As established, male cats instinctively spray to mark territory as theirs. When a new cat enters his territory, which also happens to be your home, the existing male cat may feel the need to let the newcomer know his displeasure by spraying.

Medical Problem

Male cats may spray and act mean if they have a medical problem. Both aggression and spraying can be the result of pain. If your cat has suddenly become more aggressive and begun to spray at about the same time, take him to your vet immediately.

How do male cats spray?

When a male cat attempts to spray, he begins by sniffing the surface that he wants to mark with urine.

Why do cats spray?

Spraying is not simply inappropriate urination. More accurately, spraying is one of the ways cats communicate with felines and yes, even their humans. But what could a spraying cat be telling other cats and his humans?

What age does a male cat start spraying?

Tomcats can begin spraying anywhere between six and seven months of age. At around this time, your kitten has reached sexual maturity. And although it may seem that your furry little pal is too young, he is ready to mate and sire kittens.

How do you know if your boy cat is spraying?

It is critical to differentiate between spraying and inappropriate urination. Inappropriate elimination, including urination, is often a sign that something is wrong with your cat. Sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. However, there are a few clues that you can look for.

What does male cat spray smell like?

A male cat’s spray smells stronger than his usual piss. According to many cat owners, a tomcat’s spray has a strong, musky scent that can be smelled even if you are far from the location that your cat has marked.

Do neutered male cats spray?

Yes, neutered cats can still spray. However, an intact is more likely to spray because he is announcing his readiness to mate.

Why do cats need multiple feeding stations?

If you have two or more cats at home, setting up multiple feeding stations can help reduce spraying which can arise due to conflicts between your pets.

Why Is My Neutered Cat Spraying?

Neutered cat spraying is a big problem for cat lovers. You may have neutered your cat with the expectation that it would stop him from spraying only to find that the behavior continues. It may take a month or so for your cat’s hormonal activity to calm down after neutering. But cat spraying is not always sexually related. So if the activity does not eventually stop, your cat may be marking due to other issues. Maybe urine marking has become a habit for your cat. Or your cat may be triggered from the scent of spots where he previously marked. Or, it could be that your cat is spraying because he is stressed.

What is spraying urine?

Unlike urinating outside the litter box, spraying is when urine is sprayed on vertical surfaces, like walls, doors, and furniture.

Why does my cat spray on my wall?

Neutered cat spraying can be a difficult thing to deal with. While you find the behavior frustrating and offensive, your cat thinks it’s perfectly normal. Neutered cat spraying is often caused by stress. Spraying its scent onto a wall or piece of furniture helps to reassure the cat.

Why does my cat keep marking?

So if the activity does not eventually stop, your cat may be marking due to other issues. Maybe urine marking has become a habit for your cat. Or your cat may be triggered from the scent of spots where he previously marked. Or, it could be that your cat is spraying because he is stressed.

How do cats mark their territory?

Both wild and domesticated cats will mark their territory by spraying urine or by leaving their feces uncovered. By doing this, they are sending a sign to other cats that this is their territory, so stay away. Spraying around doors and windows could indicate the presence of another cat outside.

Why does urine spray smell so bad?

The spray has an extremely unpleasant smell because it contains pheromones. Spray from intact males has a stronger odor than spray from a cat who has been fixed. And the probability of urine spraying indoors is directly related to the number of cats in the household.

Why do cats spray?

Cat spraying can occur for a number of reasons, including: 1 Marking boundaries 2 A desire to mate 3 Indoor cats reacting to an outdoor cat in the neighborhood 4 Stress and anxiety 5 Difficulties adjusting to environmental changes 6 Conflict resolution

what does it mean when a male cat sprays
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