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what does the latin root mal mean

what does the latin root mal mean插图

Bad” or “evil

What words have the root word mal?

English Root Word ListMalignment – defame something badlyMalice – evil intentionMaltreat. – Treat someone/something badlyMalfunction – working badlyDismal – A gloomy situationMaleficent – Someone who deliberately try causing harm to someone

What words have the root Mal?

mischief; evil intent; bad will. malignant. harmful; cancerous, something bad enough that could result in death when related to cancer. malnourished. having bad health or poor nutrition. malodorous. bad smell; stinky. mal or male root-words. bad, abnormal, worse.

What words start with Mal?

9 letter words containing malmal iciousmal ignantano mal ousfor mal itynor mal itymal leablemar mal adefor mal ismnor mal izefor mal izeMore items...

What words start with the prefix mal?

maleducado. malnutricin. malinterpretacin. malentender. malquerer. maloliente. malparado. malhablado. Fundamental All languages Spanish Terms by etymology Words by prefix mal-.

What is malevolent in a sentence?

Let’s take a word malevolent as an example. It is an adjective that describes someone, who does or wants to do harm or evil to others. In other words: After experiencing severe maladies during pregnancy she gave birth to a malformed infant.

What is a Mal root?

Definition & Meaning: Mal Root Word. Roots are the building blocks of words. As there are many branches of a tree, similarly there can be many words formed by the same root. One of the most effective ways to improve your vocabulary is to learn roots, especially roots of commonly used words so that you can remember the meaning of the words.

What are the words based on the root word "mal"?

Words Based on the Mal Root Word. 1. Mala fide: Doing something in bad faith, in an attempt to deceive someone . 2. Malabsorption: Bad absorption of food. 3. Maladjusted: A bad ability to adjust to a social environment. 4. Malaise: A general state of feeling badly; sickness.

What is the meaning of the word "malady"?

7. Malady: Bad disease. 8. Malapropism: A bad use/misuse of words due to ignorance. 9. Malaria: “bad air” or a disease carried by mosquitoes. 10. Malcontent: One who is dissatisfied and wants to change a bad for him situation. 11.

What does the prefix "mal" mean?

The prefix mal- is usually added to change the meaning to negative and refers to bad, unpleasant or unsuccessful things.

Where does the word "mal" come from?

It can be explained by the origin, where mal- comes from Latin root male which means ‘badly’, and a mnemonic you can use to remember it is that males are bad, just kidding we are not against the male species. Let’s take a word malevolent as an example.

what does the latin root mal mean
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