what is a male ballerina called

what is a male ballerina called插图

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  • What do you call a male ballet dancer?

  • Calling a male dancer a Ballerino is giving them a sense of status. This term is not widely used, it is reserved usually for main dancers. It is the more proper way to refer to a male Ballet dancer. It is what you will hear everywhere in the world.

  • Where did the term 鈥渂allerina鈥?come from?

  • According to my trusty dictionary, the term 鈥渂allerina鈥?first appeared in 1815 (apparently, it took the Italians almost 150 years to come up with a word which referred to 鈥渢hem gals what are ballet dancers鈥?.

  • Is it Ballerino or ballerina?

  • A Ballerina is a female dancer in french, so it only makes sense that the term for male dancer would be Ballerino. It is very common for the changed vowel to mean a change in gender both in French and Latin, the two roots of this word. It is not so simple though. Even though the term Ballerino is correct it has other connotations.

    what is a male ballerina called

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