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what is a male vampire called

what is a male vampire called插图

The nameDamonis known and loved by everyone all over the world because of the massive fanbase of the vampire character played by Ian Somerhalder. It is one of the most hot and popular male vampire names. 2. Stefan Salvatore: Another Greek originated vampire name meaning “crown”. Another beloved vampire character from “The Vampire Diaries”.

What is the most popular male vampire name?

Damon and Stefan are two of the hottest and most loved male vampire names in modern culture. 3. Niklaus Mikaelson: Popular character from the TV shows “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries”.

What is the scientific name for a vampire?

Reptile/Lizard Vampires - Homo-Wampyrus Sauria They are often known as the Reptile/Lizard Vampires. They get these names because they possess teeth that are all sharply pointed and resemble those of large lizards.

What are the different types of vampires?

What are the Different Types of Vampires List Types of Vampires A-Z Bat Vampires - Homo-Wampyrus Chiroptera Energy Vampires Immortal Vampires a.k.a. Homo-Wampyrus Mortal Vampires Noble Vampires - Homo-Wampyrus Draco Nosferatu/Deformed Vampires - Homo-Wampyrus Nosferatu / Homo Nosferatu Vampiris Psychic Vampires - Psi Vampires

What are the deformed vampires called in the movies?

Nosferatu/Deformed Vampires - Homo-Wampyrus Nosferatu They are often referred to as the deformed vampires. They were given their name after the 1922 movie Nosferatu. They are less common then the Noble Vampire (Wampyrus Draco) but are surprisingly numerous.

What is a Caitiff?

Caitiff. A vampire of unknown clan, or of no clan at all.Cait iff are typically of high generation,where Caine's bl**d dilutes too greatly to pass on any consistent characteristics.A Kindred can also be declared Caitiff by their clan, for committing some crime against them.

How many years of unlife do vampires have?

Relatively young vampires (between one and two-hundred years of unlife) who have proved themselves valuable members of Kindred society.

What do the Kindred believe about Gehenna?

Gehenna. The Kindred believe that this approaching Apocalypse bears down ever more each night upon the world.When Gehenna arrives,the Antediluvians shall arise and make a wasteland of the world,consuming Kindred and mortal alike in the culmination of their horrendous Jyhad.

What happens between the thousandth and two thousandth year of the Kindred?

If the Antediluvians are the Kindred's gods, the terrible Methuselahs are their demigods and avatars.At a point between the vampire's thousandth and two thousandth year,a grave change overtakes the Kindred.Sometimes the change is physical,other times it is mental or emotional.Whatever the change ,the result is that the vampire no longer bears any semblance of humanity.

What is an archon vampire?

A vampire in the retinue of a Justicar.Archons are generally nomadic in nature,frequently pursuing Kindred who have fled to avoid persecution at the hands of the Camarilla.

What is the job of a whip in Primogen?

Not much different from whips in mortal government,the whip's job is to goad and encourage discussion and decision-making during clan meetings, and to keep the clan updated on their primogen member's doings. Whips are selected by the Primogen.

What is a childer vampire?

Also known more loosely as 'childer',they are newly reborn vampires still under the tutelage and protection of their sires,the vampires that made them.They are not considered full members of the Kindred community,and are often treated disrespectfully or as the sire's property.When the sire decides their childe is ready,the fledgeling may become a neonate,subject to the Prince's approval.

What does a psychic vampire look like?

The appearance of an Intentional Psychic Vampire looks like a usual human physic. They often pretend to be mortal bl**d drinkers. They are not immortal and they do not have a fatal reaction to sunlight. While in their psychic state, they cannot be destroyed by any physical means.

How do vampires gain their BL?

They often gain their bl**d through willing donors who think that they are mortal bl**d drinkers. Some take pleasure in taking bl**d by force due to the fear factor and the release of adrenaline in the bl**d making it sweeter. It is these vicious vampires that have made movies like " The Lost Boys " " Blade (Vampire Hunter) franchise ," and many others. They have also put into the heads of humans that it is "cool" to be a vampire.

What movie was the vampire named after?

They are often referred to as the deformed vampires. They were given their name after the 1922 movie " Nosferatu ." They are less common then the Noble Vampire (Wampyrus Draco) but are surprisingly numerous.

Why are vampires considered immortal?

Immortal Vampires is a larger classification because everyone receives the Dark Gift differently. There are roughly around thirty-six different recorded types well documented. Here are the four most common vampire types which cover the vast majority.

What is intentional psychic vampire?

Intentional Psychic Vampires are humans who possess great telepathic abilities. They use these abilities to knowingly draw the life force from others. These Psychic Vampires seek out victims who they can interact with in order to create strong emotions in these victims, s**ual intercourse usually being the biggest.

Why are vampires called vampires?

They get these names because they possess teeth that are all sharply pointed and resemble those of large lizards. They are the most social of the four main vampire types and are able to withstand extended periods of sunlight or indefinitely with the aid of sunglasses and sunscreen.

What is the disease in Dracula?

This disease is often referred to as " Renfield's Syndrome " which is also as you guessed, a character from Dracula who is a Zoophagous, meaning a " life-eater .". Mortal bl**d drinking is quite a big occurrence now. There has become quite a big community for this sort of thing.

what is a male vampire called
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