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Other methods to calculate IBW

There are many ways (formulas) to calculate the ideal weight. Here are other values based in other methods. Notice that the majority of websites uses one of the methos below. These formulas are somewhat outdated and should, possibily, be avoided, except in some particular cases. So, it is better to use the BMI based values above.

How to use the Ideal Weight Calculator

It’s simple. You just need to enter your details in our calculator above and then click ‘Calculate Your Ideal Weight’. Your Ideal Weight, as well as, a detailed explanation will appear automatically.

Important note on Ideal body weight web tools

This calculator does not provide medical advice. BMI is just one of many indicators of body fatness. So, once this tool is based on BMI calculations, it has the same BMI limitations. Do not use this tool form computing ideal weight for children.

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what to do if a leo male is ignoring you
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