what to do if a leo male is ignoring you


Skinny jeans feature a more streamlined silhouette that is narrow and close-fitting throughout the leg, with a narrow leg opening.


Similar to skinny jeans, slim jeans have a fitted cut, however this style features slightly more room and is great for achieving a polished look.


Designed with a slim fit from the hips and thighs and a straight silhouette through the rest of the leg, this style can be worn with boots or sneakers.


This style is exactly what it sounds like. The silhouette runs straight through the legs making it ideal for styling with off-duty looks.


This style refers to jeans that widen from the knee to the ankle. The slight flare of this silhouette gives it rugged appeal which pairs nicely with boots.


Combining elements of straight and skinny fits, tapered jeans feature narrowed legs which gives this style a more tailored look.


The roomiest fit of them all, relaxed-fit jeans have an easy silhouette from top to bottom. This style works well when comfort is top priority.

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what to do if a leo male is ignoring you
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