what to do if your male cat is in heat

Fantasy Without Judgement

Men have all kinds of crazy, politically incorrect fantasies (and come on, we women do, too). They're afraid to bring them up because they fear we'll over-think the implications. For example, Garrison has a client who wants to engage in a cheerleader/coach fantasy. But the wife worried this meant he was a closeted pedophile.

Non-Threatening Sex Toys

Believe it or not, your sex toys intimidate men. They're afraid you'll love those good vibrations so much you'll decide men are inadequate in comparison. I've seen at least one woman confess she prefers her vibrator to sweaty, messy sex with her husband. But for most couples sex toys enhance your time together.

Sex That's Not Tied to Orgasm

Some of Garrison's clients struggle with premature ejaculation. Maybe one man's wife unzips his pants, and zoing! It's all over before it begins. And other men (believe it or not) have performance anxiety and may not climax at all. Either way, Garrison thinks men and women both would benefit if we stopped focusing so much on that orgasm.

Backdoor Fun

We're talking anal play. This is a trend we've noticed lately, and Garrison says he's seeing it from his clients too.

Be Voyeurs

A surprising fantasy many men have is watching their partner masturbate -- maybe while he's masturbating as well. But they worry women will find it creepy. "I think it's very educational," Garrison says.

Help Getting Turned On

While it's true that we're each responsible for our own orgasms, we all need help getting there. Men often have trouble asking their partners to do specific things to turn them on. You both need to have permission to say things like, "it would really turn me on if you could stroke my pecs."

Watch Porn Together

Garrison says some men would really like to ask women to watch porn with them, but with a catch -- they want YOU to pick the porn so they can learn what you like. Men are actually fascinated to learn what turns women on, and this is a great way for them to find out. If you're not into the mainstream stuff, check out MakeLoveNotPorn.tv.

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what to do if your male cat is in heat
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