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Rank Number One Kimono: The Formal Occasion Kimono

When you think of a Japanese wedding, the first thing that might come to mind is "kimono." However it's not just women who wear these elegant gowns. In fact men often dress in their own version known as "Kuromontsuki haori hakama". Such clothing is the male highest rank traditional clothing.

Rank Number Two Kimono: Second Level Outfit For Formal Occasion

There are many types of haori in the world, but there is one that surpasses them all. This garment has a rank lower than iromontsuki and it consists of two kinds of fabric: nagagi or tsumugi.

High Rank Informal Occasion Kimono

You can wear a haori and nagagi to go out! Omeshi (oil-based) and tsumugi (silk) are the main fabrics for this less formal traditional outfit. If you combine these items according to your own preferences then you won't lose rank when going outside in style but without being too formal.

Casual Occasion Kimono

Kinagashi is a traditional casual Japanese style that has become more popular in recent years.

Can Men Wear Kimono?

Men involved in the traditional arts often have occasions to wear men's Kimono and may own several of them. Tea Ceremony is one of those artistic forms which require wearing these garments whereas others might only need them occasionally or not at all.

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what to get your male best friend for christmas
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