where is the male g spot science

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The male G spot is the prostate. It is located justinside the rectum, and a person can stimulate the prostate either internally or externally. Although it is not clear exactly how the prostate provides pleasure, it is possible that pleasure comes from the stimulation of the nerves attached to the prostate.

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  • What are male G spots?

  • Male G spots are areas that a woman may work on in his man's body in order to enhance sexual stimulation. Working on these spots will make your man totally in the mood for lovemaking. For a man to pleasure a woman sexually, he must know how to find and stimulate her G spot.

  • What is a man's prostate gland known as?

  • A man's prostate gland is perhaps best known for its role in reproduction 鈥?it releases fluids that both help sperm swim and protect them once they leave the penis. But it is also sometimes known as the male G-spot. Surrounding the neck of the bladder and urethra, this walnut-size gland can be felt, and stimulated,...

  • How do I Find my Man's hot spot?

  • Make sure your nails are cut and no rings (ouch!). Curl your finger toward the front of his body until you feel a round bulb of tissue the size of a walnut...that's the hot spot. Experiment to see what he likes...different men like different pressures and speeds.

    where is the male g spot science

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