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who is a male child

who is a male child插图

Youthful male person

What is the meaning of male child?

male child- a youthful male person; the baby was a boy she made the boy brush his teeth every night most soldiers are only boys in uniform

Was Jesus a singular male child?

A singular male child. Jesus was clearly a singular male child, but what people frequently fail to notice is that the Church is at least three times figuratively called a singular man, as well ( Ephesians 2:15, 4:13, Galatians 3:29 ).

Why the popular view of the male child?

In retrospect it looks like the popular view regarding the male child was held for two reasons: first, because Augustinian allegorism has held sway over the Church since the 5th century and second, because significant scholarly studies on Revelation 12 have been almost entirely avoided until relatively recently.

What is the identity of the male child in Revelation 12?

When we dissect the narrative in Revelation 12 we discover that the identity of the male child must meet eight criteria in keeping with a literal hermeneutic: 1. A singular male child.

who is a male child
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