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who is mal's boyfriend

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Did Mal actually date Harry Hook before dating Ben?

Mal actually dated Harry Hook before dating Ben [Mal's boyfriend, who is played by Mitchell Hope]. So that was each of their first loves, which is kind of funny.

Are Harry and Mal in ‘the Kissing Booth’ dating in real life?

Turns out, Harry, played by Dove’s real-life boyfriend, and Mal have a history together. HollywoodLife.com got the chance to sit down with the incredibly talented Dove at the movie’s press junket to talk about the Disney Channel Original Movie.

What does Mal tell Ben about her love for him?

―Mal tells Ben about her love for him. Ben and Mal are the main couple of the film series. They first meet each other at the beginning of Descendants and they later started dating and became a couple.

Who is Rashi Mal?

Age, Height, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend, Movies, Tv Shows, Instagram, Brahmashtra, Biography, Wiki Rashi Mal is a very popular Indian actress, dancer, and singer.

Why did Jane change her hair?

Initially Jane was scared of the VKs but since she was the Fairy Godmother's daughter Mal tried to befriend her to get to the wand. She knew Jane lacked self esteem and used that to her advantage, changing her hair to be prettier and subtly telling her that her mother didn't care about her and that she should try to convince her mother to use the wand to make her prettier. Jane took the advice and befriended Mal. However, after the fiasco at Family Day between the VKs and Chad, Jane ridiculed Mal only for Mal to retaliate by changing her hair back to its ugly form, causing her to be ostracized. Jane was so upset she tried to take her mother's wand to make herself pretty but when she was going to get punished for her actions by her mother, Mal assured her mother it was her fault Jane did what she did since Mal was the one who put the ideas in her head and the two became friends. However, in Descendants: Wicked World, when bad things happened and Mal was framed by CJ, she blamed Mal and accused her of stealing her mascot uniform. Mal told her she didn't take it and that she's sure Jane will find it somewhere. Jane then decided that maybe she's right.

How did Mal and Evie get along?

However, after saving Evie from being cursed as they, along with Carlos and Jay, went to get Maleficent's Staff from The Forbidden Fortress , and finding out that it was Evie's mother who didn't want her at the party, they became friends. Mal seemed to be in charge and bossed Evie around (similar to how Audrey treated her friends) the two still got along. She told Evie that having a boyfriend was stupid especially since her own "boyfriend", Chad, was making her do his homework for him. When Chad broke her heart after becoming Audrey's boyfriend, Mal comforted her by telling her how great she is and that she doesn't need a prince to be happy like Audrey did. When Mal needed help getting ready for her date with Ben, Evie volunteered to help her. When Mal decided to erase Ben's feelings, Evie gave her comfort. The two had both decided to be good, stayed at Auradon, and defeated Maleficent alongside Carlos and Jay. The two are best friends who stand by each other and often hang out with each other. In Descendants 2 they shared a sweet moment when they sang a duet entitled (Space Between).

What does Mal want from her mother?

Mal has always wanted to make her mother proud though her mother's expectations were too high and her mother never thought she was evil enough, often lecturing about how evil she was in the past and often comparing Mal to herself and putting her down and putting severe pressure on her. Mal was the most determined of the VKs to follow her parent's footsteps especially since her mother was the most powerful. She tried looking to her mother and asking her what to do and believed correctly her mother would punish her should she fail. Lonnie also asked Mal if her mother ever made her cookies since she thought villains loved their kids too, causing Mal to become depressed while claiming her mother did love her but seemed reluctant in her words. However, Ben assured her that she doesn't have to follow her mother's path and that she had goodness in her and should follow her own heart. When her mother and the other parents talked to the VKs via computer chat, Maleficent pretended to care about Mal when really she just wanted to know if she founded the wand yet, leading to arguments among the parents and pressure and anxiety for the VKs. When Maleficent saw Mal had "tricked" Ben in order to get close to the wand she seemed proud. She was upset when Mal chose good and decided to punish her, but Mal had stood up for herself against her mother and turned her into a gecko (since she turned her into the size of the love in her heart). Despite this, she told the guards to be careful when escorting her away because she was still her mother and she still loved her and even told Hades that she doesn't hate her mother because she was always there for her.

Why does Audrey get in trouble with Mal?

After the incident, she began publicly and loudly ridiculing Mal but became scared when Mal threatened to use magic on them. However at the end of the film the two bow to each other in respect. However, in Wicked World, Mal tends to get in trouble with Audrey because Audrey gets caught in the crossfire of Mal's magical antics, even if by accident. When CJ committed a series of acts and framed Mal and the VKs for it, she became suspicious of them and confronted Mal when Ben disappeared being the first to call her out but was proven wrong and admitted that she could never understand the VKs.

Why did Mal dislike CJ?

It is implied that CJ and Mal knew each other before coming to Auradon. Mal dislikes CJ for holding her boyfriend captive. When it was revealed that CJ was behind all the bad things happening in Auradon, she also revealed that she framed Mal for stealing Jane's mascot costume.

Why is Uma called Shrimpy?

Their friendship ended after Mal dumped a bucketful of shrimps into Uma's head as an act of revenge, thus, Uma earned the nickname "Shrimpy".

How do Carlos and Jay get along?

While the two don't have much interaction, they still got along. she often had to remind him to stay focused such as when he was distracted by video games when they were supposed to be discussing where the wand was located. She cheered for him when he and Jay won the Tourney competition and when she had to choose between good and evil she managed to convince Carlos to join the good side, telling him he didn't have to worry about being punished by their parents and that they would stick together as friends.

who is mal's boyfriend
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