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why lord shiva wear mund mala

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Why does Lord Shiva wear Mund Mala? Shiva, the Mahakaal (God for time death) wears the garland of Skulls and thus shows thatdeath is inevitable, and so you have to evolve above your perishable physical body. Whenever one Kalpa is finished, one skull gets added to Shiva’s mundamala (garland of Skulls).Dimensions:22 14 4 cmWeight:350 g

Why does Shiva wear a garland of skulls?

In some pictures, Shiva is depicted as wearing a garland made of skulls. This necklace is referred as Mund Mala. The story of the skull garland was narrated by Shiva to Goddess Sati. Sage Narada was eager to know about the secret of mund mala. Therefore, he incited Goddess Sati to find out the secret.

How many skulls are there in the mund Mala of Shiva?

Thus Mund Mala of Shiva has 108 skulls. All the skulls are of the previous birth of Mother Goddess Shakti.

Why do disciples of Lord Shiva wear rudraksha?

Disciples devoted to Lord Shiva always wear Rudraksha to lead a peaceful life and also for deeper meditation. It helps maintain good health, gain self-empowerment and lead a fearless life. Rudraksha beads are renowned for their divine protection and are worn on the body individually or as a chain (Mala).

Why does Lord Shiva bathe on the neck of a snake?

The heat produced from the Vasuki snake which encircles neck of Lord Shiva can also cause the Soma (moon) element to exude Amrita (Immortal nectar) which then bathes Lord Shiva. In the Padma Purana Uttara Khanda chapter 10, we witness one such incident.

What is the snake that encircles the neck of Lord Shiva?

The snake Vasuki which often encircles neck of Lord Shiva can also work like Agni tatwa (fire element) for the Soma tatwa (moon) which is on the head of Lord Shiva. Thus by combining Agni and Soma, Amrita (immortal nectar) is produced which bathes Shiva. Now let's see all these things in scriptures:

Why did Vasuki put a moon on Shiva's head?

Thus, in the above story it is clear that heat generated from Vasuki caused the Soma (moon) on the Shiva's head to exude Amrita (immortal nectar) which bathed Lord Shiva. Due to the effect of Amrita even the skulls which Lord Shiva was wearing came back to life and began to recite sacred texts.

What does Shiva wear?

As you can see in many pictures of Shiva, he wears a naga wrapped around his neck.

What does the garland of snakes around the neck mean?

Since a snake is one of the most feared and dangerous animals in the world, the garland of snakes around the neck firmly establishes this fact even the snakes fear Him and remain under his control.

What happens when Vishuddhi is active?

If your vishuddhi is active, it filters everything. It saves you from all these influences. In other words, once vishuddhi is very active, that person is so powerful within himself that whatever is around him does not influence him anymore. He is established within himself. He tends to become a very powerful being.

What does Pasupathinath mean?

I know that he is known as Pasupathinath, which means "lord of all creatures", and that he controls all the animals. Since snake is feared by most of us, is that the reason he wears them around his neck?

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why lord shiva wear mund mala
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